Monday, May 13, 2013

Bear Stampede 5 & 10K--West Branch, Iowa--May 11, 2013

It was a super cold morning in the low 50's with wind gusts up to 22 mph. However I decided that since my husband and friend were going to still do the race I would too. Thank goodness it stopped raining. I was up that morning at 5a.m. to take Alyssa to a Speech and Debate field trip for school and it was raining.  I saw sun in the distance and hoped it would come out.  Sure enough the sun did come out and except for the cold and windy day, it was gorgeous.

When I started the 10k I thought I'd pretty much take it easier that day so I would treat it as a training run for fun.  Well my competitive spirit came out around mile 3 when I saw this girl about 2/10ths of a mile ahead of me and I was determined to catch her.  I kept trying for two more miles and finally got her just after mile 5.  Then I passed her and kept going strong.  All of my mile times recorded were in the 10:30's to 11 minute miles until that last mile and it was a 9:37 minute mile.  I was cruising (for me) and it was still windy and the two hardest hills were yet to come, but I did it.  I stayed strong and I conquered those hills and the cold and the wind and finished strong.  As a result I placed third in my age group.  Turns out that girl I passed was in my age group and finished just 50 seconds behind me.  I'm so glad I set a goal in the race and kept at it.

I talked my friend Deb into doing the 5K and I'm so proud of her because she not only did this race, but she pushed her grand daughter the entire way in the stroller and this was a TOUGH course of hills and trails with rocks and weeds and chip wood and grass.  Jason, my husband, finished in under an hour and he also placed 3rd in his age group.

This race has yummy home made treats at the end and prizes for EVERY runner.  Jason won free Cold Stone ice cream and I won a $15 gift certificate to a running store.  Deb won a FREE massage.

I would do this race again because of these things:

  • it started ON TIME
  • it was chip timed so we have accurate times
  • it was challenging
  • there is yummy food at the end, both healthy and not
  • water on the course in 3 different spots.
  • prizes for everyone.
Here are some pictures to enjoy:
Left to Right:  Jason, Michelle, Deb and her granddaughter.

Happy Racing Feet

Kris and Brian Tharp with their We Run display at the race. We Run is
a great running store located in North Liberty.  See link  HERE

When I took my headband off my head following the race it
was super heavy.  I squeezed it out to see if it had anything
to squeeze.  Ha ha, it sure did.  Sick and Gross I know.

Jason won third in his age group.

I also won third place in my age group!

Jason and I after the race with our Bear shirts on.

Close up of the medal.  It has glitter.

Both of our racing bibs.  Mine was #2 and Jason was #39

The shirt.

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