Sunday, May 19, 2013

Marion Arts Festival 5K and Half Marathon--May 18, 2013

The weather was a beautiful 65 degrees when I left for the race. This year I did the 5K alone without my husband or children. Some of my other running friends were at the race, but most of them ran the half marathon and those who did choose the 5K were much faster than I was so I ran alone. I was hoping to break 30 minutes, but the heat got to me and I had a time of 31:00 even. Oh well, didn't work out this time, but I am grateful to be able to run at all. The results are HERE.  My personal results are here.  Personally after reviewing my results and comparing my overall stats, they aren't that bad considering I finished in the top half for my age group and for the gender.  Here are some pictures to enjoy:
Me before the race began.

My friend Tyler Sullivan who placed 2nd overall
in the 5K

My friend Lisa Flatery after her half marathon.

This guy finished as 10th place overall in the
half marathon and he ran in this costume for
the entire race.  It was hot out by this time
so I'm sure he was boiling in that.

A picture of me after the race with my race shirt on.

stuff from the packet.

Left to Right:  Tracy, Lisa, me and Rhoni Jo.

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