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Performance Indoor Dri Tri - North Liberty, Iowa - Saturday February 27, 2016

I wasn't going to sign up for this because I never use the rowing machine. But Susan encouraged me to try this new type of Triathlon. My only thing was I had a 15 mile run to do with Juli before it so I wasn't sure how it would go or if I would even have any energy left at all to compete.  Susan, Amy and I decided to do this race and be in the same wave time.

You had to row for 10 minutes on a rowing machine, then bike 30 minutes on a stationary bike, then run 20 minutes on a treadmill.  Easy right?  NO, not when you've already ran 15 miles and not when you are going FULL out effort to compete.  But for some reason I had TONS of energy.  I felt fantastic when I started the competition.

I gave it my best and tried hard to just do my best with each event.  Taking one event at a time and not worrying about the entire competition.  The first event was rowing and it went okay.  I didn't row as far as I thought I could go, but it went well.  The biking went amazing.  I biked super fast and felt great.  I had the 2nd longest distance for females biking and I'm not sure how, but I did.  Ok I do know how.  I pushed on that bike harder than I've ever biked in my life.  It paid off.  When I got to the 3rd event of running I was sure that I wouldn't be able to run given how much I pushed in the 2nd event, but to my surprise I felt so awesome, so incredibly great.  So I pushed on the running and ran 2 miles in the 20 minutes which may not seem like much or fast or anything to you, but I've now done at least 7 indoor triathlons and I've NEVER ran more than 1.80 in an indoor tri.

After all the distances were added I actually won my age group, that surprised me.  I figured I'd place with such a huge distance on the bike, but to win my age group was fantastic.  Awards were only given for overall winners and #1 in each age group.  I won a $25.00 gift card to Performance which I can use on smoothies.  Below are some pictures and then I copied all the results below that if you care.

A picture of just the people in our wave.
The first event:  Rowing on a rowing machine.  You can see Amy in the yellow jersey and I'm next to her.  

Here we are in the 2nd event Biking on an indoor spin bike.  I may not look like I'm working hard cause I was laughing and goofing off, but I was pushing that bike like crazy.

The third event, Running.  I felt strong and ran well.  Amy and Susan are beside me.
The cool certificate I received for winning my age group.
The amazing dri fit shirt that I love.  It fits great and I have worn it several times since the event.

A Message from Performance Health & Fitness:
Thanks for a great morning of racing!  Here are the results of the 2nd Annual DriTri. Your certificate and Gift Card will be at the front desk for you to pick up.  Have a great weekend!
Top Overall Male & Female - John Martinek &Kelsey Morfitt
Top Overall Team - Greg Lybeck, Evan Tepoel, Mike Ogoli
Age Group Winners - 18-29 - Jim Vogt & Lyndsey Kent
Age Group Winners 30-39 - Kelly Nelson & Erin Hill
Age Group Winners 40-49 - Vito DiBeasi & Michelle Clark
Age Group Winners 50-59 - Eric Wortman & Lizann Bolinger
Age Group Winners 60+ - Vicki Siefers

AgeDiv#Participant Name(meters)(miles)(miles)(adjusted)(miles)Distance
Wave 531F40Kelsey Morfitt23151.4422.9011.452.7815.67
Wave 747M56John Martinek26321.6421.6010.82.7115.15
Wave 751M60Eric Wortman26891.6719.909.952.7214.34
Wave 135M1Kelly Nelson25551.5920.6010.32.3514.24
Wave 425M32Jim Vogt26321.6419.109.552.5213.71
Wave 636M50Wes Hepker27281.7019.209.62.3313.63
Wave 332M27Jon Pippert22771.4119.709.852.3613.62
Wave 3TT24, 25, 26Greg/Evan/Mike26831.6718.709.352.513.52
Wave 338F#VALUE!Erin Hill21871.3618.709.352.6613.37
Wave 132F2Stephanie Yoerger22861.4219.309.652.113.17
Wave 1TT6,7,8Amanda/Alyssa/Ashley22661.4118.609.32.4313.14
Wave 643F52Michelle Clark20301.2619.609.8213.06
Wave 7TT57, 58Molly Brown/Jeremy Stephens24601.5318.109.052.4313.01
Wave 639F49Daniela Williams23541.4617.508.752.7412.95
Wave 528M46Nate Strabala27181.6916.808.42.6112.70
Wave 526M47Justin Strabala25511.5917.808.92.1512.64
Wave 754F61Lizann Bolinger21701.3518.409.22.0512.60
Wave 341F62Mary Abdel Malek24331.5117.508.752.212.46
Wave 560F41Vicki Siefers21631.3419.409.71.4112.45
Wave 424F31Lyndsey Kent22401.3917.108.552.4212.36
Wave 657F48Susan Ludwig22611.4018.309.151.7212.27
Wave 237M49Lane McMullen27841.7316.208.12.3412.17
Wave 527M45Trenton Kos27301.7017.008.51.912.10
Wave 442M29Vito DiBeasi22671.4117.608.81.8712.08
Wave 144M9Brian Tanner20971.3018.909.451.3212.07
Wave 337F10Amy Rickels22851.4217.408.71.9212.04
Wave 645M54Anthony Hargrove23731.4716.908.452.1112.03
Wave 638F53Andie Higgins23291.4517.408.71.8411.99
Wave 156M3Andrew Ruiz23511.4616.508.252.2411.95
Wave 851F72Wendy Trom20991.3017.408.71.8211.82
Wave 437F36Julie Stein21291.3215.607.82.4211.54
Wave 346F37Dawn Foss22001.3716.0082.1611.53
Wave 640F55Amy Larkin21561.3417.208.61.5411.48
Wave 546F39Jody Rausch22671.4116.108.05211.46
Wave 827F69Carly Lewis23551.4616.108.051.911.41
Wave 5TT42, 43Rae/Jason Mosier24181.5014.607.32.5511.35
Wave 726M68Tory Hackert21961.3615.807.92.0811.34
Wave 162F4Cheryl Reiff19651.2216.708.351.5611.13
Wave 354F5Krista Ockenfels22921.4215.507.751.911.07
Wave 440F37Kris Mowatt20701.2915.907.951.5410.78
Wave 161F5Kristine Koser20761.2915.407.71.7610.75
Wave 857M71Bob Sangster23071.4314.807.41.910.73
Wave 7TT65, 66, 67Kevin/Lisa/Matt19031.1814.307.152.3410.67
Wave 440F38Jennifer Kurka22001.3714.607.31.9710.64
Wave 344F28Lori Genkinger21541.3414.107.052.1410.53
Wave 215F29Abigail Arens21041.3114.607.31.8910.50
Wave 218F30Kylie Heisdorffer20901.3015.307.651.4910.44
Wave 541F44Carol Crabtree21401.3314.507.251.710.28
Wave 217F45Megan Paulson22601.4013.606.81.789.98
Wave 4TT33, 34, 35Ashley/Michelle/Jessica19951.2414.707.351.379.96
Wave 215F#VALUE!Brooke Goodman21201.3212.906.451.699.46
Wave 736F59Kelly Oelmann18601.1613.906.951.319.42
Wave 243F60Amie Kelley16801.0414.507.251.129.41
Wave 243F61Kris Arens20501.2713.206.61.549.41
Wave 441F30Marisa DiBeasi18251.1313.106.551.569.24
Wave 247F31Karla Brock17261.0712.706.351.068.48
Wave 7TT62, 63, 64Becky/Gwen/Marci20331.269.604.81.447.50

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