Monday, May 9, 2016

Donut Run 5K - Ames, IA - Saturday, April 9, 2016

First before anything I want to say that I love donuts and love running.  My best friend Amy knew that, found this race and signed me up for it.

 It was a super cold morning. So cold that I thought my hands would freeze without gloves. But the sun was out, there was NO snow and it was a race where you could eat donuts. Little did I know that I would soon hate glazed Krispy Kreme donuts very much.

The race took place in Ames, Iowa.  It was called the Donut Run.  You ran about 1K to a donut table and had to eat as many donuts as you could stomach. Every time you got an entire donut down you got a sticker on your bib and at least 30 seconds taken off your final time.  Amy and I managed 5 donuts each.  It was so gross.  Some guys ate 20 donuts.

It was a fun, organized, different race.  We finished it under 40 minutes with the 5 stops.  Neither of us wanted anything to eat for hours after.

I ran another 3 miles after the race to help burn off all the donuts.  It didn't help much as I felt gross almost all day.   Results are here:  Donut Run results    Pictures are below:
A selfie before the race.

Another selfie.  It was freezing.   Can you tell how cold we were?

Our race bibs after the race with the cute stickers in them representing the amount of donuts we had during the race.


A glass that came with our shirt.  Love it.

A picture that the race organizers took of us finishing the race.

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