Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's launch week at the gym. That means that we (Les Mills Class instructors) are presenting all new music and choreography. I have to learn 34 new songs from three different classes: Body Pump, Body Attack, and Body Step. It is a bit stressful because I am a bit of a perfectionist when I teach. I don't like making any mistakes. I mean, really, people are paying for me to help them get a good workout and the least I can do is present the most perfectly executed class that I can. I probably obsess about this and spend too much time practicing.

One of the things I have learned is the necessity to know my limits. I teach a minimum of 5 classes at week with a maximum of 8. Any more than 8 and I am risking getting injured. I already get out of bed with creaky joints. Of course that might just be my age rather than my activity level. My goal in all of this is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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The Duke said...

Holy cow - that's a lot of songs to learn. I'l bet those women that come wouldn't care one bit if you had it down or not - they just like you. :)