Saturday, October 9, 2010

2010 Ponseti 5K Race--Iowa City, IA

Today was a local race right here in Iowa City at the University of Iowa campus. It is called Ponseti Race. This race was to raise money for those who have club feet.
This race was chip timed so the results are super accurate and there was food at the end of the race (always a plus)!
The picture on the left is me right after I arrived home from the race.
The weather was gorgeous today, started in the mid 60's and was around the mid 70's during the race. Beautiful weather for October and perfect for running.
I felt wonderful the entire race and only had a few moments where I had to talk myself into continuing to run. There were a couple bad hills near the end of the race, one of which was so steep that I walked fast up it.
Even though I felt great I had no idea that I was running faster than usual. My ending time was a new personal best. It was 28:02 I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the time clock at the end of the race and then printed my results and it said the same thing. And to think if I hadn't walked up that last hill I could have had a 27 minute time. In shock still. Training is really paying off.
This next picture is me later in the day at the apple orchard wearing my race shirt. My son Jared took this picture.

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