Friday, October 1, 2010

An Opportunity with LOADS of potential.

I had a couple new ladies in my Zumba class a month ago. After class they asked me for my e-mail because they said they had questions.

I received an e-mail a short time later asking me if I would consider teaching Zumba at their dance studio 25 minutes Northeast of my home. Now that's quite a travel time, so I was hesitant with my answer, but then replied this:

As long as I could receive $5.00 per student who signs up or drops in for class AND if there are less than 6 students, then still receive $25 an hour to teach.

They agreed and that started last week. I teach Tuesday late morning and Thursday later evening.

Tuesday morning's class was ok, there were 5 there and so I got the minimum.

Thursday night last week was a whole different story. There were 15 in attendance (13 of which signed up on the spot for a 6 week session) so I knew no matter what I'd be paid for 13 of them every Thursday night. I was just blown away that 15 showed up on the first night of Zumba, but glad also because that meant $75 for just that hour.

This week was different. Tuesday morning's class had 5 again (but 2 people were different than the week before because 2 others were out of town)

Then there is Thursday night, not only did the 13 that signed up actually come back, but the 2 others that hadn't signed up last week, did sign up and pay. AND then 3 more showed up and paid for the remaining 5 weeks.

So this means for last night I made $90 for that class.

I just can't believe that first my offer was even accepted to get paid at this rate and second that people are so excited and showing up and coming back.

I hope I can stay healthy and be able to teach Zumba for a very long time since it seems to be very profitable and I'll be able to replace my Pampered Chef income before long if this attendance keeps up!

Awesome thing is, the owner has a huge gym so we could possibly have up to 50 people in there if that many signed up! So here's hoping that this opportunity continues to become awesome so I can pay our student loan bills.

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