Sunday, February 20, 2011

Far from home

As some of you know I'm training for a Half Marathon. That's 13.1 miles just in case. I only mention that because years ago I wouldn't have had any clue how far a Half or Full Marathon was.

Anyway yesterday I should have ran 6 miles because that's what I'm up to as far as mileage goes. I asked my son, Brenden to run with me. He was more than excited to run and started to put on his running clothes.

I put on my colder weather running clothes since it was only 44 degrees out, this included dri fit long running skins, a sport tank covered by a long sleeve dri fit running shirt, followed by a long sleeve running jacket.

Brenden asked me how long we would be running. I told him I really needed to do 6 miles, but would run however far he felt comfortable and then we could either turn around towards home or call Jason (my husband) to pick us up. I made sure I had my cell phone in my pocket.

Brenden was excited to run with me. So we set out and ran for a while. When I checked my stopwatch it had only been 30 minutes and it seemed like 45 or more. Brenden was a trooper and continued to run. When we got to Coralville we both needed a break and were walking for a short bit. It had only been 42 minutes.

Brenden then decided he was done and we were no where near home.

I then saw a lady who was my boss at Curves. She was in the back of her store loading stuff in her car. She spotted me and said, "What are you doing over here?" Knowing I was far from home. I mentioned to her I was out running with my son and we were going over to HyVee to get a drink of water and then continue running.

She said we both looked worn out and then Brenden said, "I sure am and I'm ready to be done."

So she offered to give us a ride home. So nice of her. She clocked the drive home to see how far we had run. I was bummed to find out we had only ran 4.1 miles since it seemed like so much farther. However I'm glad I was able to run with my son. A special memory.

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