Saturday, August 27, 2011

2011 C.A.R.E. 5 & 10K Run, North Liberty, Iowa

Today started at 6a.m. I got up, dressed for my race, ate half of my banana, drank some water, grabbed my stuff for the race and left.

I arrived at Curves right at 6:30 to pick up my new friends Deb and Wendy. I talked up this race a lot and hoped they'd sign up for it. I met Deb and Wendy in my Zumba class at Curves.

The weather was a cool 68 degrees, but had humidity of at least 80% so I was sure running in this would be hot.

My stats were these: Time 30:16 with a 9:44 mile pace. Placed 3rd of 12 in my age group of 30-39. Overall I placed 30th of 68 runners. I was 12th of 41 females.

This was a flat course so I'm not sure why my time was even close to 30 minutes. I ran the entire way and felt that I was going fast, so I expected a 28 something time as in other races. I am super happy that I finished 3rd in my age group, and received a medal for my efforts, that was fun!

Many of my friends were at this race today so there are lots of pictures to enjoy.

The front of the shirt.  I like this shirt a lot so I'll wear it with pride!

The back of the shirt.  This will be great for advertising organ donation.  I am an organ donor and proud of it!

Deb and Wendy about an hour before the race. 

Before the race I was wondering where the heck Stephany was, then she drove in the parking lot with a police officer following her.  Here she is talking to him.  She was speeding on 240th street, but got off with a warning.  Amber, Deb, Wendy and I were laughing at her.  I was snapping a few pictures to tease her with later.  Double click on the picture and you can see her having a conversation with the officer.

From Left to Right  Wendy, Me, Stephany, Amber and Deb.

All of us being silly.  I'm pretty sure I have bunny ears behind my head from Wendy.

To my surprise Bella (the little girl I watched for 3 years) and her parents were both at the race.  This is a picture of Janeen (Bella's Mom) Bella and Me.

Amber running in for the finish.  Stephany and I were yelling for her.

Amber again right at the time clock.  This is only her 2nd 5K.

After the race I met up with another friend Jennie.  From Left to Right  Jennie, Stephany, Me and Amber.

Wendy and Deb walking in to the finish.

We were all yelling for them, then Deb and Wendy started running.  Both of them finished under an hour!

Super cool Praying Mantis on the wall of the North Liberty Recreation Center posing for a picture.

Coolest thing ever happened.  Stephany placed 2nd in her age group of 20-29.  Jennie placed 2nd Overall Female and I placed 3rd in my age group of 30-39.  Here we are posing with our medals.

A close up of the front of the medal.  It's really neat looking and kinda heavy.

My race number.

The back of my medal.

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