Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2012 Return of the Turkey Trott--Nov. 10, 2012--Marion, Iowa

I wanted to do this race really bad, but knew something was really wrong with my foot.  I asked my daughter if she would like to do this race for me and she said Yes.  So off we went to Marion, IA.  I just watched all my friends run and took lots of pictures.  It was best that I wasn't running since I found out later that week that I had a ton more going on with my ankle than one could even imagine.
Alyssa and I in the car getting ready to leave.

A bunch of my running friends, from Left to Right:  Me, Julie, Stephany
Lisa, fake blow up turkey, Rhoni Jo, Tracy and Alyssa.

Right before the race.  Alyssa was ready to run.

Alyssa running in for the finish.  Proud of her for doing
the entire 8K race.

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