Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Santa Snow Shuffle--Dec. 8th, 2012--Cedar Falls, Iowa

This is a Fun Run put on by Trekman Racing.   I was looking forward to it since the Park to Park Half Marathon that he puts on in September.  I love well done races and Trekman Racing really knows how to do everything right.  So I signed up for this race, but never imagined that I'd be in a boot and on crutches by the time the race got there.   The greatest thing about the day, besides being with my favorite running friends, was that I won an AWESOME door prize for a massage that I can't wait to redeem.  Here is their website:  Elements Massage.  This fun run was timed, but not officially, meaning there was a clock there so you could see your time, however no prizes for Top 3 or anything like that.  It was just a fun run to raise money for the Salvation Army.  There were many door prizes and lots of great treats after the race to enjoy.

From Left to Right:  Rhoni Jo, Julie, Mike, Tracy, Me, Lisa, Stephany

The Race Director Dave and his daughter.

Cool costumes I had to get a picture of, they
even dressed their dogs up.

I decided to sit with Santa.

Another awesome costume.

More fabulous costumes.  Wow people are creative.

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