Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2013 Charleston, SC Half Marathon and 5K--January 19th, 2013

Back in October, my friend Julie and I wanted to do a Marathon together.  This would be her first marathon and my 2nd.  However I got injured badly which you can read about if you go back about 5 posts, so doing any running for the next 3-4 months was out for me.  However I had already registered for the race.  Mike (Julie's husband) and my husband Jason decided to do the Half marathon.  On January 17th we all traveled by Southwest Airlines to Charleston, SC.  It was hot and sunny that day we arrived and it was amazing.

I was able by the time this race arrived to be walking again so I had switched my marathon registration to the 5K race and was able to walk that.  So cool that there was a finishing medal so that I could still complete a small part of a large goal I have and that goal is:  To get a finishing medal from every state.  When I made that goal I imagined that every finishing medal would be at least a 10K or above, most likely all half marathons and marathon finishing medals, however not this time.  I'm grateful to be walking.

Pictures below are just a few that I took while in Charleston.  I took at least 100 pictures of houses that I won't post here.  I was able to slow and sometimes fast walk the 5K in a total time of 53:52, my slowest 5K to date, however I can say this, "I'm so grateful to be walking again that the joy I had from finishing this race felt as awesome as my first Half Marathon and almost as great as my first Marathon."  Below are pictures to enjoy:

A fun, cute and yummy restaurant.

Me holding a Stuffed, bacon wrapped massive shrimp that was
so yummy.

Jason and I outside the packet pickup place.

Together touring Charleston, taking a picture of ourselves.

Went on my first carriage ride ever.  Here is our horse named Larry.

My race bib for the 5K

Jason and I the morning of the race.

Jason's Half Marathon racing bib.

Jason running in for a finish.

Our finishing medals.

Jason just finished the race and he was exhausted.

After some food, Mike and Jason posing for a picture.

Here we are from Left to Right:  Jason, Me, Julie and Mike.
All 4 of us completed our goals.  Julie did her first marathon and even though I wanted to be running beside her, my heart was with her the entire time cheering her on.

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