Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Great workout

Today I actually felt great when I woke up at 4:45 a.m.  I drank half of my protein drink and set off for my bike ride to the North Liberty Recreation Center.  I biked a little extra this morning to get an extra mile in.  Arrived at the Rec center 3 minutes earlier than I have before, so I'm getting a tiny bit faster.

Met my friend Deb and we swam 20 laps that are 50 meters long each.  So our total meters were 1000 meters, or about 1100 yards.  I felt amazing today and the swim actually went fast for me.  I decided to do 12 laps without stopping and time myself since this would be approximately the yardage for the triathlon this Saturday.   I was able to do this in just under 18 minutes, so I'm not fast at 600 yards, but hey I completed them without stopping and still felt good enough to do 500 more yards.

After swimming we biked into Iowa City to where Deb works, then I biked home.  I had to bike up Benton hill and I was not happy about that steep stupid hill, but I guess it's making me stronger.

I hope I feel this amazing all week and rock the triathlon this Saturday!  Excited and scared at the same time.

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