Friday, June 21, 2013

Lucky 13 workout

Today when I woke up I was sore all over. I don't know if it's because I'm 40, or the arthritis in my knees, ankles and hip?  Whatever makes me hurt in the morning is beyond me, however I'm determined every day to just get up anyway and work out, except on my rest days of course.

I thought I'd start with biking since I didn't feel like running at all.  I needed to run, but didn't want to.  So I put on the bike shorts and set out.  I biked Rohret Road WAY out in the country.  It hurt.  If you know Rohret Road at all in Iowa City, you know it has two GIANT hills that are mean, just plain mean.  I needed hill work so I rode them anyway.  Wasn't happy.  Then came home.  When I looked at my trip odometer I was surprised to see my favorite number twice:  13.13   Now I couldn't have planned that any better.

When I arrived home I felt good enough to run and knew I needed to practice running on tired legs since I have a duathlon coming up on July 13th (Ha 13 again).  Anyway.  So I ran.  I felt like only doing a couple miles, but then while I was out I thought I'd try and get close to 2.5 or 3 since I was feeling quite good.

I took a new route and there were some hills and a couple busy roads to cross, but I did it anyway.  Turns out I came up my driveway and my Garmin (GPS watch) said I had ran 3.13

SWEET! and I have pictures to prove it.  See below:

My bikes' odometer 13.13     Max speed was 36.2 and average speed
was no other than 13.3 miles per hour!

The Garmin.  The top number is the distance 3.13 miles.  The next
number is the time it took, however remember this:
1.   It was just a practice run.
2.  I had just biked 13 very hilly miles
3.  I had to stop at 2 VERY busy roads to cross them.

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