Monday, June 3, 2013

Training and my progress

I've been training a lot for the Triathlon and Duathlon I'm going to be in soon.  Below is what I have been doing in the last couple weeks, this is just an example.  I really have come a long way since 9 years ago I didn't work out at all, 5 years ago I was against the idea of running.  3 years ago I didn't even know what a triathlon was.  This year I will be doing a couple Sprint distance triathlons and my first duathlon.  Plus have goals for bigger races like an Olympic distance Triathlon AND a half Ironman!  So far I'm on track with training and feeling great.  I'm sure the cross training helps so much in overall fitness.

Here is an example of my training progress:

Monday the 27th:  1700 Yards swimming and 4 miles walk/running

Tuesday the 28th:  biked 13 hilly miles in the wind and rain. Then taught Body Sculpt and Zumba 

Wednesday the 29th:  Taught Body Sculpt, swam a mile and then ran 5.25 miles!  Later in the day went to Kent Park swimming area to try out my wet suit.  Swam for a while.  Freaked out in water, will have to try this again.

Thursday the 30th:  22 mile bike ride early this morning. Little windy, but gorgeous out!

Friday the 31st:  Swam 24 laps at the North Liberty Rec Center pool.  Later on in the day went to Kent park swimming area to try out the wet suit and more swimming in the lake.  Spent a good hour there with Jason.  He watched me swim to see if he could figure out why I panic in lake water. Turns out I wasn't breathing enough. Apparently my panic was because I was taking too many swimming strokes and not enough breaths. So I switched to 2 strokes then breath, 2 strokes then breath again, instead of the 6-8 strokes then a breath like I was doing and I did a fabulous job. I really think the fear was feeling like I didn't have enough air and the longer I would swim the worse the panic would get because I was tired. Once I switched to the method he said of every other stroke take a breath, I was able to swim far with no panicking going on. 

Saturday June 1st:  Got up at 5:50 a.m.  ran 5.11 miles, then later in the day biked 17 miles!

Sunday:    REST DAY!!!!!    Went on a walk with Jason, Alyssa and Scott to look at Iowa City flooding.  See post  here if you want to pictures. 

Monday June 3rd:  Got up at 4:30 a.m., biked to North Liberty from my house (9 miles), then taught Body Sculpt.  Then biked back to Iowa City with Deb and then biked home.  Total bike mileage today 21 miles!  Later on have plans to go to Kent Park lake again to swim in that wet suit!

Tuesday June 4th:  Got up at 5:30 a.m. drove to North Liberty because I was super tired.  I know, NO EXCUSES, however I just made one.  Ha.  Then I swam 20 laps.  I was going to come home and run, but didn't.  Felt too tired.  Just not a good workout day.  Went to work, then after work taught Body Sculpt, then donated plasma.

Looking forward to a very active week!

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