Saturday, January 18, 2014

3rd week's goal

For my 3rd week my goals were these:  Swim once of 2000 yards, or twice of 1000 or more yards each.  Run 3-4 times and the distance doesn't matter this week, just run at least 3 times.  Bike once of 25 minutes or twice at 15 minutes each.  Get on the elliptical once and do at least 2 miles.  Teach my regularly scheduled classes which are 3 body sculpts and 1 Zumba.

Here is what I accomplished:

Monday:  15 minutes on the bike, Body Sculpt class
Tuesday:  20 minutes on the bike, 1 mile on the elliptical, Body Sculpt
Wednesday:  Body Sculpt before work, then 2.22 miles running after work!
Thursday:  15 minutes on the bike, 1 mile running, Zumba 50 minute class
Friday:  1/2 mile on the elliptical, 10 minutes of Yoga stretches.
Saturday:  4.31 miles running outside, then .70 running on a treadmill inside.  2000 yards swimming and 40 minutes of a Body Step class.
Sunday:  Rest

Total for week 3:
Elliptical 1.5 miles
Running  8.23 miles
Swam  2000 yards
Body Sculpt classes 3
Zumba classes 1
Step classes 1
Biking minutes 50

I didn't do 2 miles on the elliptical, but I did do extra minutes on the bike and did a step class.
The 2000 yards swimming was done all at once, which is new for me.  I felt good this week.

Totals for year:
Elliptical 3.5 miles
Running  21.93 miles
Swam   5522 yards
Body Sculpt classes 5
Zumba classes 3
Biking minutes 75
Step classes 1

Here are my goals for week 4 of 2014:

Run 3-4 times and have a total of 10 miles for the week in running, bike further than week 3, swim further than week 3.  Complete all of my classes.  Try a Yoga class.

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