Sunday, January 26, 2014

4th week's goals of 2014

My goals for week 4 of 2014 were these:
Run 3-4 times and have a total of 10 miles for the week in running, bike further than week 3, swim further than week 3. Complete all of my classes. Try a Yoga class.

Here is how the week went:

Monday:  I had off of work for the holiday, so I took full advantage to have a great workout.  Started with teaching body sculpt class, walked 1.25 miles, ran .25 miles on an indoor track, swam 1093 yards.  Seized the moment in the afternoon to enjoy the sun and 34 degrees and ran 4.40 miles outside!

Tuesday:  Didn't feel so great in the morning, so I didn't exercise before work, after work taught my body sculpt class

Wednesday:  Body Sculpt class before work, Yoga class after work.

Thursday:  Zumba class, then ran 3.15 miles on a treadmill.

Friday:  Biked 15 minutes before work,   Swam 13  laps or 650 yards  in a team triathlon (5 laps were warm up before the triathlon started)

Saturday:  Swam  10 laps or 500 yards (two were warm up before the Indoor Triathlon started)   Biked  30 minutes    Ran 2 miles.  Walked over a mile.   Later Saturday afternoon went out in the FREEZING cold and ran 1.13 miles so that I could achieve my weekly goal of over 10 miles for the week.

Sunday: Rest

I didn't achieve biking further than week 3, but I came close, so this week I upped that goal for the bike.  I did achieve doing a yoga class and running at least 10 miles.  This week was crazy busy, so I'm grateful to have done well with working out and achieving most of my set goals.

Week 4 Totals:
Elliptical:  0 miles
Running:   10.93 miles
Walking:   2.25 miles
Swam:   2243 Yards
Biking minutes:  45
Body Sculpt classes 3
Yoga class 1
Zumba class 1

Totals for year:
Elliptical 3.5 miles
Running  32.86 miles
Swam   7765 yards
Body Sculpt classes 8
Zumba classes 4
Biking minutes 120
Step classes 1
Yoga Classes 1

Goals for Week 5 of 2014 are these:  Run further than the week before in 3-4 times out running.  12 miles for week 5 of running would be my ultimate weekly goal of running.  Get back on the elliptical and do 2 miles for the week. Swim once of 1000 yards or more.  Bike 60-90 minutes for the week.  Complete my regular scheduled classes.

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