Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 39 of training for 2015

Monday: Sculpt class, Stability ball class, walked .5 miles
Tuesday :Ran 1.11, Sculpt class, walked .5 miles
Wednesday :Stability ball class, Ran 5.52 miles, Biked 6.20 miles, walked .5 miles
Thursday:Swam 1800 yards, Sculpt class, walked .5 miles
Friday :Les Mills Body Flow class, 6.16 miles ran, walked .5 miles
Saturday:  Ran 9.50 miles, walked 1 mile
Sunday:  Walked 2.5 miles

Totals for Week 39 of 2015
2 Stability Ball/Sculpt classes
3 Sculpt classes
1 Les Mills Body Flow class
Biked 6.20 miles
Swam 1800 yards
Ran 22.29 miles
Walked 6 miles

This was a recovery week since last week was the Air Force Triple races.  Had planned on biking and swimming more, but with the wedding and getting our house ready for company and an appraisal I only had time for a little of everything.  Next week will be better with my mileage back up for running and more swimming planned.

Totals for Year 2015
Swimming:  110,096 Yards=  62 miles 976 yards
Elliptical :    14.45 miles
Biking inside: 274 minutes 
Biking Outside:  432.54
Zumba class:  5.5 classes
Sculpt classes: 167 classes
Les Mills Body Pump:  1 class
Les Mills Body Flow class:    34 classes
Walking:   96.55 miles
Running:   1033.67 miles 
Vinyasa Yoga:  1 class
Hiked 2 miles with stairs

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