Sunday, January 8, 2017

Quad Cities Half Marathon-Sunday, September 25, 2016-Moline, IL

I was supposed to do a full marathon today. However the weather was so dang hot that I knew by the 10K point that a full marathon wouldn't happen.  Usually I hit the 10K point of a full marathon around 1 hour 4 minutes to 1 hour 8 minutes.  It was 1 hour 15 minutes when I hit the 10K and I felt sick.  The humidity was horrible and I just felt so bad.  So when the race split and said half marathons go this way and full marathoners go another way I went with the half marathoners.  It was a super huge struggle to even finish the half distance.  I don't think I've ever felt this sick during a race, but I know heat and I don't get along.  I took a few pictures before the race.

This race has a ton of food at the end of the race and plenty of support during it.  I would do it again, but hope for a cooler day.
Amy and I prerace, all taped up and ready to run.

Race bib and finishing medal.

My friend Chris Sedrel at age 69 read to run a half marathon.
Amy, Julie and I before the race.  She was a pacer for the half.

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