Sunday, May 20, 2012

2012 Bear Stampede--West Branch, Iowa

This was a race I hadn't planned on doing. I was going to take a week off from racing and so I purposely didn't register. I registered my daughter Alyssa for the 5K, my son Brenden for the 1 mile race and then Scott for the 1k kids race. About 3 days before the race Alyssa mentioned to me that she had a Youth trip for the same morning at church and couldn't go. I wrote the race director and asked if Alyssa's registration could be transferred to mine for a fee so I could race instead of her and switch the information to my age group. The race director was awesome about it and said, sure I'll transfer you without a fee.

 I am training for a marathon and had an 8 mile run to do, so I got up at 5:30a.m. that morning and ran 5.19 of it since I knew the other 3.1 would be at the race. At 6:30a.m. I was home made a quad batch of waffles for everyone, showered and dressed for the race. My friend Stephany came over around 7:45 and we left. We arrived at West Branch plenty early and they were so organized that packets were made up and ready to hand out. We each got a shirt, even Stephany who registered that day. The boys each received a water bottle that they were thrilled about and Scott uses his every day. The day started out with the 5k/10K race. I did okay, not my best time see here for 5K results.  I felt like Stephany did great then as a result she placed 3rd in her age group of 20-29.  I placed 4th in my age group so at first I was a little bummed out until I realized that 3rd place was 3 whole minutes ahead of me, AND she probably didn't run 5 miles that morning.  I was just glad to finish.  I was a very hilly course near the end.

Brenden rocked the races and placed 1st in his age group, see that here for 1 mile results.  He was running super fast.

Then Scott pulled out a super great kid's race and placed 1st in the 1K kids run.  Here is a link for a video about the races:  Video.  They did spell Brenden's name wrong, however they didn't spell it wrong for the picture.  I just wish either Scott or Brenden were in the picture.  I think the newpaper man was bummed out that none of us were from West Branch.

Here are some pictures from the day:
Before the race.  Scott and Brenden with me.  It was bright
and sunny.

Stephany and I before the race.

All our feet with timing chips on. A traditional picture.

Lots and Lots and LOTS of prizes for every 5 and 10K racer.
I won an all day pass to the University Rec Center (which is
brand new and super nice) see link to see how awesome
Rec Center


Brenden right before the 1 mile race.
Check out the girls on both sides of him
checking him out.  Too funny.

Scott about to race his 1K kids race.  He was taller than
almost everyone and there were other 10 year olds.

Scott blew out his shoes at the race.
He got a new pair that day.

Scott won first place in the 1K kids race!

Brenden won 1st place in the 1 mile race.
He is proudly showing off his Running
Wild Gift  certificate.

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