Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012 Dam to Downtown 10K--Iowa City, Iowa

The race was at 8a.m. and it was called Dam to Downtown. So you had to go to downtown Iowa City and catch a bus to the Dam. The race provided the busses. The packet pickup was the day before at Scheels (a sports store) over in Coralridge Mall. Packet pickup was super organized. At first I couldn't find a place to park downtown. You would have thought I was late, but I was early enough to catch the first bus, just no where to park. I think finding a place to park on a side street took me longer than my bus ride to the dam.

I arrived at the Dam around 7 a.m. and the race started at 8a.m. and since it was freezing out, around 39 degrees, I thought I should warm up a bit by running. I wanted to get in 8 miles for the day anway so off I went. I ran out about .6 miles and then back to the start, then across the dam and then back to the start, total before race was 2.20 miles. Then the race of 6.2 miles so I had 8.40 miles for Saturday.

The race went well, it was massively hard with big hills, when I say big hills I mean going from 500 feet of elevation to over 700 feet and then back down, so we were climbing and desending. However even with 4 big hills that I remember I was able to finish this race with a new 10K personal best time of 1:01:28 which beats my time on this course 2 years ago by 4:30 minutes. I almost beat Jason’s personal best which was 1:01:06. Here are the full results if you care: RESULTS  and here are pictures if you want to see what they took: PICTURES   If you want to see me, I'm picture #270 of 334 pictures.  I'm in others, but that one is of just me.

Front of shirt

My number.

My friend Bill and I just after finishing the race.

All the fabulous sponsors listed on
the back of the shirt.

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