Friday, May 11, 2012

2012 Columbus Distance Classic Half Marathon--Columbus, Ohio

This race has such a special meaning to me. It was the first race I ever did. That happened back in 2005 and I ran the 5K race. Then I took a 5 year break because running didn't seem to be my thing. Story is HERE.
Last year I ran the Columbus Half marathon and was injured so I shouldn't have run, but did anyway.  This year I am injury free and since going to this race gives me an extra opportunity to see my parents.  My friend Stephany who got me into running again was able to go with me. Race day was perfect weather and I had a very enjoyable race.  Full results are here.   You just type in my race number #1250 if you want to see how I did.  Pictures that the race people took are here.   Here are a bunch of pictures from our trip.

Stephany and I taking a picture of ourselves at the beginning of the trip.

My parents.  I made them pose this way.  I think they look cute.

My Mom and I having lunch

The awesome peanut butter pie I selected for dessert.  It was even better than it looked.

Our race tags

Our before picture taken around 6:30a.m. day of race.

Right after we finished our races showing off our finishing medals.

My parents and I post race.  I was so glad to see them.

The first thing I ordered as soon as I got to the hotel.

This is how amazing it looked!

My finishing medal.  It is huge by the way and super beautiful.

After returning to our hotel, showering, napping and eating pizza we were ready for post race pictures!

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