Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 5 goals for 2014

Goals for Week 5 of 2014 were these:  Run further than the week before in 3-4 times out running.  12 miles for week 5 of running would be my ultimate weekly goal of running.  Get back on the elliptical and do 2 miles for the week. Swim once of 1000 yards or more.  Bike 60-90 minutes for the week.  Complete my regular scheduled classes.

Monday: nothing, I was sick

Tuesday:  Body Sculpt, 30 minutes on the bike

Wednesday:  Body Sculpt, ran 3 miles, swam a few laps, was planning on swimming 1000 yards or more, but my arms and chest were killing me from Body Sculpt the day before and all the push ups and chest work, so I decided to rest and leave the gym.

Thursday: Ran 2 miles and taught a Zumba class

Friday: Biked 30 minutes, taught Body Sculpt (make up class from Monday)

Saturday: took a Yoga class, Nia class and then taught Zumba.  Came home and biked 30 minutes.

Totals for Week 5:
Elliptical  0 miles
Running  5 miles
Swam 200 yards
Body Sculpt classes 3
Zumba Classes 2
Biking minutes 90
Nia Classes 1
Yoga Classes 1

To review the week I would say it was good yet bad.  Monday I was sick and didn't feel like doing anything.  I did get the new amount of bike minutes completed which was great, however I didn't run or swim the distances I had planned.  

Saturday would normally be my long run and long swim, but due to a snowstorm and having to alter our plans on Saturday morning with only 1 car and a snowstorm made things difficult.  Jason drove me to the place I teach Zumba and dropped me off, and I decided to take a Yoga and Nia class before I taught Zumba.  If we would have had 2 vehicles like normal, then I would have gone with Jason to the gym that has the treadmill and ran my 5 miles, swam some and then went over to the gym where I taught Zumba and taught that.  

Running outside right now isn't something I feel I can do very safely due to the ice.  I have done this on some days where the sidewalks and streets are finally plowed, but for now there is tons of ice and the worry of hurting my ankle again is always on my mind.  So for this week because of not having my own treadmill and having to depend on getting to a gym that does have one, I didn't complete my long mileage.  I know people that run outside year round, so one of my goals this week is to talk to some of them and see what they do to complete this.  This Iowa winter has me down and I heard it is one of the worst in 14 years.  I have lived here 13 years and I know I've never experienced this kind of cold for so long.  Really disliking Iowa weather and would love to move to a warmer place.

Glad I completed the goal of biking more minutes this week and hope to be up to 7 hours a week by Spring so I can go outside and start out with long rides immediately and not have to work up to it like last year.  Doing Yoga again this week was great.  Didn't plan on that, it feels great to stretch muscles like that for an hour.  I tried a Nia class and it was okay.  The instructor was great, but I didn't like the workout, so I most likely won't do one again.

Totals for week 5:
Elliptical 0 miles
Running 5 miles
Swam 200 Yards
Body Sculpt Classes 3
Zumba Classes 2
Biking minutes 90
Yoga classes 1
Nia classes 1

Totals for year:
Elliptical 3.5 miles
Running  37.86 miles
Swam   7765 yards
Body Sculpt classes 11
Zumba classes 6
Biking minutes 210
Step classes 1
Yoga classes 2
Nia classes 1

Goals for Week 6 of 2014:  Run 3-4 times (total mileage should be around 12 miles).  Bike 90-120 minutes.  Swim at least once.  Teach my regularly scheduled classes of Body Sculpt and Zumba.

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