Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week 8 of 2014

Goals for Week 8 of 2014 were these:  Run 4 times.  Total mileage 12-14 miles.  Get in the pool once and swim at least 1000 yards.  Bike 2-3 times of 30 minutes or more each.  Find elliptical again and do at least a mile. Do 50 pushups on toes.  Teach all regular scheduled classes.  Eat cleaner this week.

Monday:  3.5 miles of running, 1 Yoga class
Tuesday: Body Sculpt
Wednesday:  1 mile elliptical, Body Sculpt class, 4.33 miles of running
Thursday:  30 minutes biking, .25 miles running, Zumba class
Friday: swam for 25 minutes, rested and stretched most of the day
Saturday: Ran 6.27 miles (3.15 was a race)
Sunday:  Rest

Bad:   Didn't do all my scheduled classes.  Missed teaching Body Sculpt on Monday due to severe weather.  Did get on my bike, but not as much as I had hoped to.  Went swimming, but didn't record laps, so I don't have yardage.  I was at a hotel pool, so I basically just did water exercises for 25 minutes and some laps.  I forgot all about the pushups out side of class.  I did do all my pushups in class on my toes, so that is good and there were at least 50 of those.

Good:  Did find my elliptical and used it for a mile.  Managed to run 5 separate times, so I achieved the goal of getting out 4 times.  Here's the thing, not sure if I can really count the .25 on Thursday night.  I had a hair appointment so I arrived to the gym 30 minutes past when I usually go, so I only got .25 on the treadmill when class needed to start, then planned to run after, but realized I had a plasma appointment so I had to get out of there.  Saturday I ran two separate times.  3.12 miles before the 5K race to warm up, then the race, so that might only count as 1 time running.  I did another yoga class this week and that was great.  I'm still horrible at it, but I feel it is helping my flexibility. I did eat cleaner this week.

Either way I achieved 14.35 miles of running for the week and to me that is excellent mileage.

Week 8 totals:
1 Yoga class
2 Body Sculpt classes
1 mile elliptical
30 minutes biking
20 minutes swimming
14.35 miles running

Totals for year:
Elliptical 5.5 miles
Running  74.49 miles
Swam   8865 yards
Body Sculpt classes 19
Zumba classes 9
Biking minutes 418
Step classes 1
Yoga classes 4
Nia classes 1
Pushups on toes outside of teaching class:50

Goals for week 9 of 2014:  Run 4 times.  Achieve mileage of 12-14 miles for the week.  Get on the elliptical and go over a mile.  Get on the bike at least twice and bike over an hour for the combined mileage.  Swim once of 1000 yards or more.  Continue with clean eating.   Do pushups outside of class, 55 of them on toes.  Take either Jason's Step or Pump class.

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