Sunday, April 20, 2014

week 16

Goals for Week 16 were these:  Run 4 separate times.    Swim once, Bike inside at least once, and  outside at least once!  Get on the elliptical and do at least 1 mile.

Monday.  1.50 miles elliptical,  25 minutes Spinning on my bike on the trainer.
Tuesday:  Ran 5.20 miles, taught Body Sculpt
Wednesday: 20 minutes Spinning, Body Sculpt class, 2.27 miles running, 1.04 miles on elliptical
Thursday: Zumba, swam 1000 yards
Friday: Ran 11.10 miles, taught Body Sculpt
Saturday:  Biked outside for the first time this year.  13.42 miles  (74 minutes biking) Took the scenic route on the way home from biking with Brenden to his work. Ran 3.20 miles as a shake out run.
Sunday:  walked 4 miles

Total for Week 16
Elliptical:  2.54 miles
Biked:  129 minutes
Swam:  1000 yards
1 Zumba class
3 Body Sculpt classes
Ran:  21.77 miles
Walked:  4 miles

Good for Week:  I actually completed all of my goals for Week 16.  My long run of 11 went really wonderful and I feel very confident about my upcoming long races in May and June.  I'm on track for my marathon training.

Bad for Week:  I could have swam further on Thursday, since I had the time to do so, but didn't have proper nutrition between teaching Zumba and swimming so I was starting to cramp and decided to call it a night.  Lesson learned.

Totals for year:
Elliptical 17.00 miles
Running 201.73 miles
Swam 14,967.30 + yards (8.50 miles)
Body Sculpt classes 42
Zumba classes 18
Biking minutes 702 (11.7 hours)
Biking miles outside 13.42
Step classes 1
Yoga classes 5
Nia classes 1
Push ups on toes outside of teaching class:168

Want to see how many calories you REALLY burn when running:  Click on this link

Goals for week 17:  Complete all scheduled classes.  Swim further than week 16.  Bike outside twice and complete further mileage than week 16 and more minutes on the bike.  Run according to marathon schedule, with long run being 8 miles this week.  Do at least 25 push ups on toes outside of Body Sculpt class.

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