Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lucky Run--Saturday, March 29, 2014--North Liberty, IA

It was a cold morning, but a clear weather morning for a race which in Iowa you are super happy about.  I didn't have to get up too early because this race was just in North Liberty which is only about 15 minutes from my home.   I saw many running friends, and got to run with all my Rooster friends.

Good things about the race:
You get a race bib for your scrapbook
There are photographers on the course to catch shots of you that you never could.  This was super awesome and I appreciate it greatly.
Organized for the most of the race parts. (I'll get to that later).
Announcements and facts about the race on facebook before the race so you knew what to expect for the most part.
Chip timing for a Gun time.
Food after the race of all sorts.  Stuff for serious racers like the bananas and bagels, then stuff for kids like granola bars and fruit treats.   There were even home made baked goods.
Dry fit shirt that was true to size that you received for your registration fee.
Finishing medal
Organized packet pick up.
A packet with LOTS of goodies inside the bag.
Some door prizes.  Even though I didn't win, one of our Roosters did!
Lots of Volunteers.  (My company Hills Bank and Trust Company) was a HUGE sponsor and even had a water station that passed out water to racers.

Not so great things about the race:
Like in past races put on by this race director, you can't hear her announce anything at the beginning of the race if you are in the back of the crowd.  She needs some serious speakers and more of them to hear.  
Pacing signs would be super helpful so people know where to line up.   No one knows where to line up and so everyone crowds the start line.  Everyone is saying, where do we go?  Where do the walkers go?  I can't hear anything? This is hard for those who want to run fast who have to weave around walkers and slow runners at the beginning.
Note to people who run slow or walk races:  Line up in the back PLEASE!
No one knew if we were to run over the starting timing mats or not.  We all thought we were, the comments in the crowd were, "Hey stay to the left because you have to go over the mats."  Then you get to the start and hear yelling saying, "Go either way, just go, no start time, you don't have to go over the mats."

Since there were timing mats, many of us thought that we would have starting time, thus not worrying about lining up at the front.  You didn't know until you got to the start line that it was Gun time, so the 30 seconds or more that you wasted getting to the front was actually against you in your time.  So if timing matters to you, then you have at least 30 seconds less.   Just something I would have liked to know before starting the race. This affected me since my real time was 28:22 and the Gun time says 28:55.

You had to return the timing chip, so hopefully you had a volunteer who remembered to pull it off your shoe.  If not, hope you remembered to turn it in.  This point isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if the chip isn't returned then you pay a fee of anywhere from $25 for some races to up to $50, so return the timing chip.  This is why I LOVE the new disposable timing chips that built into your race bibs now.

Part of the Rooster Team.  This is only a very small handful of us.  There are many more fun people in this group!
Rooster feet.  
My racing bib

Back of shirt.  Personally I feel all the sponsors should be pictured on the shirt no matter what.  Those sponsors paid a lot of money to be a part of the race, or they gave either a lot of time or gifts to be a part of the race and should have their logo pictured on the shirt in some way.

Front of Shirt
Here is my friend Lisa and her daughter.  Lisa looks so happy to be running!  I love this picture.

Here I am about to finish the 5k.  I don't look like I was working too hard and that is because I wasn't.  I still had more miles to run that day so I didn't give it my best.  This run was a warm up.
Off the to the far right of this picture is me running in for the finish!

Kyle and Jill running in.  Kyle was finishing the 5k and Jill had another loop to do her 10K.
Dean starting out the race!
Kyle, Jill and I starting out the race.

Kyle and Lisa's son.  He is flying!

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