Saturday, March 7, 2015

A super cool underground Cave race

The race takes place the 3rd Saturday of February.  It is called SpeRUNking.  You run either a 3 or 12 mile race in the Crystal City underground caves in Missouri.   I found out about this race from my friend Lisa, who posted it on facebook.  I mentioned it to Brenden and he was so excited about it so I signed us up.  Scott wanted to do the race as well, but you have to be 14 to be able to sign up.  Alyssa had a show choir competition so she couldn't go either.

We drove down to Missouri the day before the race and thank goodness we did because a HUGE ice storm was coming in to impact the area. We were worried that our race would be cancelled. It said on the website that even though the race was in a cave and the cave is always 56 degrees year round that if travel was preventing their volunteers to be there then they would cancel. We arrived around 6p.m. and it had just started raining at that point. By 9p.m. it was freezing rain. We woke up the next morning to our car like this below.  I am so glad they didn't cancel the race.  We were in a hotel only 2 miles down the road and the roads were slushy, but driveable.  The race ended up being awesome.  Results are here. Check out #25 overall, that is Brenden!

The car was frozen solid.  it was hard to get into it.  Thankfully we had an ice scraper with us.
You can see how bad the roads were driving into the cave.
We arrived and took a before shot.  It was cold outside, but warm in the cave!

Brenden running ahead of our entire wave (group).  There are groups that start every 5 minutes.  Brenden won our wave.  However didn't win overall since there were 10 waves per hour for 2 hours.  Ended up being around 890 people total.  He was 25th overall.  Pretty awesome fast running.
Jason and I starting out.  I was wearing a stupid light up vest thinking it would help me see in the cave better.  I was wrong, you need a very good running light on your head.

Brenden going through his first obstacle.  Freezing cold water.

The water was so cold that your feet went numb.

There were lots of hills in the cave.  Not too steep, just tons of fun.

A funny picture.

Finish line!

Our race bibs

Sign outside cave.

Front of shirt

Back of shirt

The finishing medal.
Would I do the race again?  Yes most definitely.  In fact, maybe next time I'll do the Extreme Sand-mine Challenge of 12 miles.

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