Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 9 of 2015/Week 4 of Marathon Training!

Week 9 of 2015, week 4 of Marathon training

Monday:  Ran 3.03 miles at pace outside -6 degrees 5m.p.h. winds., Body Sculpt class after work
Tuesday:early morning Body Sculpt class.Afternoon Body Sculpt class, Ran 6.02 miles outside 32 degrees 15m.p.h. winds!
Wednesday:2100 Yards swam, 21 minutes biked, 1 mile on treadmill early morning, 2.03 miles outside in deep snow after work.
Thursday:2 miles elliptical, stretching, rest day.
Friday:Sculpt and 3.5 miles running on treadmill.  2.5miles running  outside.
Saturday:10.25 miles running 1 mile walking, 1000 yards swimming, Body Pump Class
Sunday: Rest day, foam rolling, yoga poses, stretching!

Totals for Week 9 of 2015

3100 Yards swam
28.33 miles running
2 miles elliptical
21 minutes biked
5 Body Sculpt classes
1 Body Pump class
Walked 1 mile

How I felt this week:  Pretty good.  My best run was Tuesday's run outside.  The weather was cold, but not freezing.  I loved every mile and felt good.  Wednesday's early morning swim was great.  I went 2 laps faster in the time I had than in previous swims.  Saturday's long run was on the treadmill and that was hard, but I made sure I had music this time and played around with speeds, upping my speed every tenth of a mile for a mile when I would get bored.  For the most part, I was able to keep a nice consistent 11 minute mile pace for my long run.  I know outside I could do a 10 minute mile, but outside was negative 7 degrees and I felt unsafe for a really long run that would take me 2 hours so I choose to suffer it out inside.  Iowa forecast shows that in the next 10 days weather is going to be in the 30's.  This will be safe for my next long run!

Totals for Year 2015
Swimming:   24,278 Yards=   13 miles 1398 yards
Elliptical :    14.45 miles
Biking:          274 minutes 
Zumba:        5.5 classes
Sculpt:         41 classes
Body Pump:  1 class
Walking:   17.10 miles
Running:      169.89 miles

This is how we have to bundle up in Iowa  to be able to run outside when it is negative 6 degrees with 15 m.p.h. winds.  It is not fun and your eyes get cold.  Also, it was so cold that my mask got stuck to my bottom eyelashes on my right eye.   Can't wait for spring.

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