Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Week 10 of Marathon Training out of 18

Week 15 of 2015, week 10  of 18 in marathon training.

Monday:  Ran 3 miles, Body Flow class (mixture of Thai Chi, Pilates and Yoga).  Swam 1000 yards. Sculpt class
Tuesday:Sculpt times 2
Wednesday:Swam 2200, Ran 3.15, Sculpt
Thursday:Ran 8.03 miles, Sculpt
Friday:Ran 1.30, Swam 1100 yards, Sculpt
Saturday:Ran 15.02 miles, painted walls and ceilings, sanded, vacuumed, cleaned all day.
Sunday:walked 2 miles

Ran 30.50 miles
1 Body Flow class
Swam 4300 Yards
6 Sculpt classes

This week was great.  I felt amazing for the most part.  The 15 mile run was hard the last mile.  However I ran it strong and recovered well without only a little bit of soreness.  Ready for a 17 miler next.

Totals for Year 2015
Swimming:   44,278 Yards=   25 miles 278 yards
Elliptical :    14.45 miles
Biking inside: 274 minutes 
Biking Outside: 23 miles
Zumba:        5.5 classes
Sculpt:        75 classes
Body Pump:  1 class
Body Flow:    7 classes
Walking:   30.55 miles
Running:      343.59 miles
My Garmin running watch at the end of my 15 mile run.  Pretty good practice time for me.  Speed work is really helping.  The top number is the miles, the middle is the time and the bottom number was the ending pace.  I sprinted at the end so that's why it said 8:37 minute mile.  My average mileage for the 15 was a 10:26 mile pace.  Now if only I could keep this up for 26 miles, then I'd have a super sweet finishing time.

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