Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 42 of training for 2015

Monday:  Ran 6 miles, two body sculpt classes, walked .5 miles
Tuesday : Swam 1968 yards, Ran 3.16 miles, Sculpt class, walked .5 miles
Wednesday :Ran 1.30 miles, Sculpt class, walked .5 miles
Thursday :Sculpt class, 33 minutes Spin class, 15 minutes of Yoga, walked .5 miles
Friday:  Total rest day, did some walking at the marathon expo, about a mile worth.
Saturday:  Ran 26:52 miles in the Kansas City Marathon!!!  Achieved a new personal record!!
Sunday:  Resting, foam rolling, stretching a lot, some yoga

Totals for week 42
Running:36.98 miles
Swimming:1968 yards
Biking:33 minutes inside
Sculpt classes:5 classes
Walking:3 miles

No biking outside this week, didn't make my regularly scheduled Yoga class on Friday because of having to go to work extra early so I could take off extra early to travel to Kansas City for the marathon the next day.  Did swim once at the North Liberty pool which I love since it's super clean and longer than most pools.  Totally rested before the marathon and that is something I haven't done since marathon #3.  I feel it helped.  New personal record in the marathon distance achieved of 4:53:17.  Only 1 hour 8 minutes to knock off my time to achieve qualifying for Boston.  Lots of work to do!

Totals for Year 2015
Swimming:  116,164 Yards=  66 miles 4 yards
Elliptical :    14.45 miles
Biking inside: 307 minutes 
Biking Outside:  444.64 miles
Zumba class:  5.5 classes
Sculpt classes: 181 classes
Les Mills Body Pump:  1 class
Les Mills Body Flow class:    37 classes
Walking:  106.55 miles
Running:   1138.93 miles 
Vinyasa Yoga:  1 class
Hiked 2 miles with stairs

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