Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 45 of training for 2015

Monday :  Les Mills Body Flow class, walked .5 miles
Tuesday :Ran 6 miles, Sculpt class, walked .5 miles
Wednesday :Ran 6.02 miles, Sculpt class,walked .5 miles
Thursday : Swam 1100 yards, Ran 4.03 miles, Sculpt class, walked .5 miles
Friday:Stability ball class, Ran 6.22 miles, walked .5 miles
Saturday :Les Mills Body Flow times 2
Swam 1250 yards
Sunday :Les Mills Body Flow times 2

Weekly totals:
Swam 2350 yards
Ran 22.27 miles
5 Les Mills Body Flow classes
4 Sculpt classes

Usually this would be the week that I would have my super long run, two weeks before the next marathon.  However, I had a Les Mills Body Flow training all day Saturday and Sunday so there wasn't time to add in a 20-23 mile run.  Instead I choose to wait until after the training and do it on Monday.  I really need to get on the bike again.

Totals for Year 2015
Swimming:  125,214 Yards=  71 miles 254 yards
Elliptical :    14.45 miles
Biking inside: 379 minutes 
Biking Outside:  444.64 miles
Zumba class:  5.5 classes
Sculpt classes: 195 classes
Les Mills Body Pump:  1 class
Les Mills Body Flow class:    46 classes
Walking:  114.05 miles
Running:   1212.01 miles 
Vinyasa Yoga:  1 class
Hiked 2 miles with stairs

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