Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Trick or Trott 5K - Walcott, IA - Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Halloween race right on Halloween. Too fun. This one was just a 5K and thank goodness as it was some of the worst weather I have ran in, in a long time. Cold, rainy, super windy. Not fun conditions.  I decided to wear a costume, even though I wasn't going to.  Thank goodness I did as you will see later I won the costume contest.
My costume for the race.
Front of shirt
Printed stats.  Not bad.  Now if only I could run that fast for 26 miles.
Back of shirt

A really good 5K time for me

Prize for winning the costume contest.  SWEET.  Free fuel and candy!  Thank you Casey's.

My friend who dressed as the Black Eyed P's.  She won best dressed also.
I came home and put my costume on Abby.  She was less than impressed but super cute.

Later in the day went with Jason to run 13 miles for his long run.

We did it.  13 miles.  Made 16.11 total miles for me for the day!

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