Thursday, September 29, 2016

Midnight Madness - Saturday, July 9, 2016 - Ames, Iowa

Midnight Madness is a race in Ames, IA that is run in the evening in July. Usually it's super hot. This night wasn't so bad.

 I wanted Amy to sign up because she needed to run 9 miles as a training run for her half marathon training, and this was 9.3 miles, Perfect. The race is a 15K split into 2 races. First a 5K race, then a 10K race. You can do either one or both. The 10K is just a double loop of the 5K course, so if you do the entire 15K you see the same spectators 3 times.

 We started out great. Amy actually PRed her 5K distance. The 10K was a different story. Amy was tired by 7 total miles in (mile 4 of the 10K) which was the 2nd loop of the 10K, she didn't want to run anymore. We did a lot of walking that 2nd loop of the 10K, but got it done!

We might have been tired because we did a long bike ride earlier that day.

Results are here:  The RESULTS

Started the day with a long bike ride with all these ladies.

A picture before midnight madness started with Russell, James,Amy and I!

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