Thursday, September 22, 2016

Quad Cities Triathlon 2016 - Saturday June 18, 2016- Davenport, IA

An absolutely perfect morning for a triathlon. Couldn't ask for a better day. Tyler, Amy and I all stayed in the same hotel room to save money and because the hotel had only one room left with a King bed we all shared it.

 Yes, three people in the same bed.  Nice that the bed was massive.  None of us touched all night.  I got the middle so I was happy.

We woke extremely early, body glided everything,  dressed, loaded our bikes and left.

This was Amy and Tyler's first outdoor triathlon so they were a bit nervous.   I was nervous because I always freak out in the water portion of the race.  I very much dislike open water swimming.

The race went well for all of us.  I didn't go as fast on the bike as I thought I had so I was disappointed with my bike time. But I didn't panic at all in the swim and that's huge for me.  Amy who just learned to swim in January completed the entire triathlon and was happy.  Tyler did excellent for his first time out with really fast times in all three sports.

Results are Here  if you care.

Me, Amy, Tyler

My bike spot

Our feet pre race

Us three showing off our race tattoos

The sunrise that morning. 

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