Sunday, March 30, 2014

Week 13 of 2014

Goals for week 13 are these:  complete all classes.  Swim laps of at least 2000 yards.  Run according to marathon schedule this week.  Bike at least an hour.

Monday:  Swam 1100 Yards, 1.05 miles on Elliptical.   3 minutes of Squats
Tuesday:   15 minutes on Bike, 1.64 miles on Elliptical, Body Sculpt class
Wednesday:   .42 miles on the Elliptical, Body Sculpt class, 4.27 miles running
Thursday: 1 mile on the Elliptical, 2.30 miles running, Zumba, 1000 yards swimming
Friday: 1 Body Sculpt class
Saturday: Ran 6.26 miles  (5K of it was a race and my REAL time was 28:26, even though their chip time said 28:55, they went by Gun time and didn't do a starting time.  Had I known this I would have been near the front)  Anyway, I know my real time.  Then I ran 1.1 miles after the race with Jill to finish with her for her 10K.  Came home and ran 2 more miles (speed training)
Sunday: Walk

Total for week:
Swimming:  2100 Yards
Elliptical:  4.11 miles
Bike:  15 minutes
Running:  12.83 miles
Body Sculpt classes: 1
Zumba classes: 1

Bad for the week:   I didn't bike an hour.  It aggravated my tailbone, so I haven't been biking until I can get that new bike seat.  I have almost budgeted for it.  The times I could have biked I got on the elliptical, so I wouldn't waste workout minutes.

Good for week:  I was able to swim two separate times, I ran according to my marathon schedule.  I took time to get on the elliptical a lot more than in the past.  I spent the time I would have on the bike on the elliptical so I could get some cardio in.  I completed all my scheduled classes.

Totals for year:
Elliptical 13.96 miles
Running 144.34 miles
Swam 13,967.30 + yards 7.94 miles)
Body Sculpt classes 30
Zumba classes 15
Biking minutes 573 (9.55 hours)
Step classes 1
Yoga classes 5
Nia classes 1
Pushups on toes outside of teaching class:168

Goals for week 14:  Run according to Marathon schedule, which means a 9 mile run next Saturday and 2 3-5 mile runs.  Swim, bike and get on the elliptical during the week.  Complete all scheduled classes.

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