Friday, May 16, 2014

Columbus Half Marathon, Columbus, Ohio--May 3, 2014

A beautiful, slightly cold day in Columbus Ohio started the morning of May 3rd.  The forecast said we might get some sprinkles of rain, but not much.  I under dressed for the weather so I would "Go out cold".  I've been reading that you don't want to start out hot, or get too hot at any point, try to keep your body cool.  It's better at water stops to throw water on your head to cool down than to drink it, IF you are already properly hydrated that is.   I hydrated WELL the day before my event, plus did absolutely no exercise for 2 days prior to my race so I could have FRESH legs.  I feel this helped me tremendously.

I took it relatively easy the first 5-6 miles at around a 10:30 pace, not knowing how my legs would do since I had a bad calf cramp earlier in the week, but to my surprise, I felt awesome, so I started to kick it up a notch.  I was running some miles in the low 10 minute mile pace or high 9 minute mile pace.  Sweet and I still felt great.  My overall average pace was a 10:27 minute mile!  That is sweet for me and I know I could have gone even faster because I didn't really try until the last 6-7 miles.  I know I'm on track for a sub 2 hour half marathon!  Here are my detailed RESULTS.  The pictures below are my three favorite pictures.  I look silly and my hair was a ratted mess, but I felt awesome.
My Mom and Dad with me right after the race ended.

The shirt, my bib and the awesome medal!

My sister Jan, her husband Warren and two of their children.  As you can see from the way everyone is dressed, it was cold out.  I had wished I brought a coat for the bag drop at this point since I was cooled down.  Oh well, next time.

My mile splits were the following:
 Mile 1: 10:08
 Mile 2: 10:27
Mile 3: 10:15
Mile 4: 10:24
Mile 5: 10:38
 Mile 6: 10:03

 First 6 miles were 61:45
 Mile 7: 10:20
Mile 8: 10:15
Mile 9: 9:34
Mile 10: 11:05 this is when I stopped to wait for a porta pottie that never came open and I never go to go, so I decided it wasn't worth waiting anymore and ran more. Looks like I wasted 45 seconds. Boo.
Mile 11: 10:05
Mile 12: 9:59

Next 6 miles was 61:18 with the 45 seconds lost at the non bathroom stop.

Mile 13: 9:53

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