Friday, May 2, 2014

Week 17 of 2014

Goals for week 17:  Complete all scheduled classes.  Swim further than week 16.  Bike outside twice and complete further mileage than week 16 and more minutes on the bike.  Run according to marathon schedule, with long run being 8 miles this week.  Do at least 25 push ups on toes outside of Body Sculpt class.

Monday:  Body Sculpt
Tuesday:  Biked 7.41 miles, Body Sculpt, Ran 4.13 miles
Wednesday: Elliptical 2.25 miles, Body Sculpt
Thursday: Ran 4 miles, Taught Zumba
Friday: Sculpt class
Saturday: Swam 1100 yards, Ran 8.29 miles, Biked 6.27 miles
Sunday:walked 4.07 miles

To find out how many calories your burn swimming:  calories burned

Totals for week 17:

4 Body Sculpt Classes
Biked 13.68 miles
Ran 16.42 miles
Walked 4.07 miles
Elliptical:  2.25 miles
1 Zumba class
Swam 1100 Yards

Good for the week:  I completed all scheduled classes, swam further than week 16, biked outside twice with a little bit further mileage and ran according to my marathon schedule for the most part.

Bad for the week:  No pushups outside of Sculpt class.

Totals for year:
Elliptical 19.25 miles
Running 218.15 miles
Swam 16,067.30 + yards (9.13 miles)
Body Sculpt classes 46
Zumba classes 19
Biking minutes 762 (12.7 hours)
Biking miles outside 27.10 miles
Step classes 1
Yoga classes 5
Nia classes 1
Push ups on toes outside of teaching class:168

Want to see how many calories you REALLY burn when running:  Click on this link

Goals for Week 18:  To drive to Columbus, Ohio safely and be able to run the Columbus Half Marathon without injuring myself.  However still do my best for the first Half Marathon of the year and my 13th half marathon overall.   Complete all scheduled classes!

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