Sunday, May 11, 2014

Week 19 of 2014

Goals for Week 19 were these:  Recover from the Half Marathon with some swimming and biking.  Still follow marathon schedule.  Try to get out and run 3 times.  Walk a lot.

Monday:  Body Sculpt, Swam 1600 yards
Tuesday:  Body Sculpt, some walking
Wednesday:  Body Sculpt, some walking..
Thursday Ran 2.46 miles, walked some, felt beat up.
Friday:  Ran 3.02 miles, Elliptical 1 mile, Biked 6.41 miles
Saturday: Ran 8 miles, walked 2 miles
Sunday: Walked 2 miles

Good for Week 19:  I ran 3 times.  I swam once and did a great swimming workout. I biked once.

Bad for week 19:  I didn't run on Tuesday as planned, still felt beat up from the Half Marathon just days before.  I did walk a ton though, just didn't measure the distance.  Forgot the garmin and was down the street by the time I thought about it, it was about 2 miles. 

 Even though I ran 3 times, as my goal was set to do, I didn't run as far as I needed to, or spaced out like I should (in my opinion).  I want to run Tuesday 5, Wednesday 2, Thursday 5-6, Friday Rest, then Saturday long run.  As you can see it didn't work out that way.  As for the biking, I planned on 13-15 miles, but the wind was horribly strong and I turned back way early.  I need to learn to bike in the wind better.  I can do it, but don't like to.   Also, if I don't run, I need to bike or swim instead.  According to Runner's World it says if you don't get in a run, then bike twice as far as you were going to run.  Thus getting in that same amount of cardio for your heart and strength in the muscles in your legs.  

Totals for Week 19:
3 Body Sculpt classes
Lots of walking, about 6 miles total
Ran   13.48 miles
Biked 6.41 miles
Swam 1600 Yards
Elliptical 1 mile

Totals for year:
Elliptical 20.25 miles
Running 249.21 miles
Swam 17,667.30 + yards (10.04 miles)
Body Sculpt classes 52
Zumba classes 19
Biking minutes 762 (12.7 hours) Indoors
Biking miles outside 33.51 miles
Step classes 1
Yoga classes 5
Nia classes 1
Push ups on toes outside of teaching class:168

Goals for Week 20:   Run 4 times, according to my marathon schedule, which means two 5-6 milers in the middle of the week, one long run on Saturday.  Swim once, Bike at least once. Complete all scheduled classes.

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