Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ponseti Races 5K - October 4, 2014 - Iowa City, IA- HUGE PERSONAL RECORDS BROKEN.

It was a very cold morning when we woke up. 38 degrees and LOTS of wind. I felt this morning that it would be the perfect weather for running without the wind.  When I stepped out of the car I was bitter cold and grabbed my cheap running gloves that I could throw if I got too hot.

I had read on the Ponseti website shown here. the night before that they were ONLY awarding awards for 1st in each age group.  I quickly looked up the stats for my age group from last year.  The girl that won 1st in my age group last year did it in 27:28 so I knew I had to run super fast to even try and be first.  However my PR (personal record) was currently 27:10 set in 2011 and I hadn't come even close to that in 3 years.  My last 5K I raced hard I got a 27:56 so I wasn't sure I could get close to being 1st. Plus you never know who will show up.   I dressed with a loose long sleeve shirt on so I could feel the cold whip my skin.  I had running capris on, so my ankles and legs felt cold.  I have been training hard to run fast, but wasn't sure if I could pull off a 27:28 or better.

I started running and felt awesome.  I started at a super fast pace of 7 minute mile, but obviously couldn't keep that pace.  I ended up doing my full first mile in 8:28.  2nd mile in 9:21, 3rd mile in 8:22 and the last tenth of a mile in .11.  Awesome for me.  Actually this is a miracle for me.  I haven't ever gone this fast.  I got a new personal record by 48 seconds.  Super awesome.  My hard work is paying off.

Scott also ran well.  It was his 2nd 5K ever and it had been a year since his last one.  He got a new record by 47 seconds.  So proud of him.

Good things about this race:
Bib for your scrapbook
Volunteers on the course telling you where to turn
chip timed for accurate results
Bib chip timing so there is no chip to return.
food after the race
instant results so you can see how you did.
door prizes
Medals for first place

Things that could be improved for this race:
Don't take us on the cross country course, it wasn't mowed well and there were holes in the ground which made it dangerous in spots.  Also there is one huge steep hill that isn't fun going out of the cross country course back to the pavement.
One water stop, but no one was there handing out water.
No one calling out splits.
There were only medals for 1st in each age group, which this time was lucky for me, but I feel every race should have 1-3rd place recognized in each age group.
The awards for Overall winners were the exact same as the age group winners, so that didn't make them special and I feel they should get something really nice.  Heck if I was ever lucky enough to get First through 3rd Female Overall then I would hope for a big trophy, plaque, huge gift certificate or something special.

Full results are HERE !!!!!! Pictures are below:

Jason took this picture of me running in for a finish.

Scott running in for a strong finish.

After the race, Jason got this picture of me with my new medal!

My race bib.  9 plus 4 is 13, so it was a LUCKY bib!

Scott's race bib.  He was super happy because his favorite number is 6.  He figured that 9 divided by 3 is 3, plus 3 is 6, so he was happy with this number and considered it lucky.
Running Wild race bucks!!! SWEET.  I won these for getting 1st place.  I will
use them on my next pair of shoes that I buy from that store.

Front of shirt.

A close up of the race medal I received for 1st in my age group!  It is a bit blurry but says "We race so one day all kids can run!
Scott and I modeling our new race shirts.

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