Sunday, October 12, 2014

Timber trek - Amana, IA - Saturday, October 4, 2014

It was a super bitter cold day, like 48 degrees with a brisk wind of about 15 mph. However, even though it was cold I did have to complete this race. I have this thing that IF I register for a race then I do it unless I'm injured. Weather conditions do NOT deter me no matter what. I'm tough that way and I don't like to loose out on money that could have been spent elsewhere.  I donate plasma to get extra money and I use that extra money on races, so I register for one, I do my best to complete it.

This year Jason and I talked Kari and her husband Noah into doing the race also.  I have a bunch of pictures.

I already did a 5K that morning at one of my favorite 5K races around.  Not only did I run that first race, but I ran it super hard and set a new 5k PR, so my body was a bit tired.  Since I love this race I couldn't miss it so I had to do two races in a day!

Even though I started out tired, I did this race 8 minutes faster than last year.  Also last year I was 15th in my age group out of 29 with an average pace of 14:10.  This year I placed 6th out of 20 in my age group and had an average pace of 12:30 so I have improved a lot.

Results are HERE !  Some of the pictures are out of order and I tried to fix that, but it isn't working, so enjoy the pictures anyway out of order.

Good things about this race:
It's a Mud/obstacle race that is well thought out
It doesn't cost a ton to do like Warrior Dash
It is chip timed for a gun and chip time.
Food after the race
volunteers on the course to show you where to go.
Hard obstacles to complete so you feel like a boss when you are done.
5 miles of awesomeness.
Age group medals for 1st -3rd in each age group.
Bib for your scrapbook
Awesome looking shirt that I really like this year.
The race committee takes pictures of you on the course and doesn't charge you for them so you have memorable pictures for your scrapbooks and blogs.
They have door prizes although this year I missed them because I was getting dressed in dry clothes and they did the door prizes before the awards and last year they did them after.  Bummer for me in case I was picked.  :(
Instant results printed on a paper for your scrapbook.

Things that could be improved for next year's race:
The weather!  Ha

Jason, me, Noah, Kari before the race began.

Our race shoes.

Before the race.  Jason is being goofy.
Another silly picture.

Front of race shirt
Back of race shirt.

Our race bibs after the muddy race.
Crossing the creek.

crossing the small creek.

Stepping in the mud.  Gross, but oh so fun.

Posing for my finishing picture.
Our friends Kari and Noah post race.  Wow they are muddy!

The next day, cleaned up with our new race shirts on!

Our finishing picture.

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