Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week 8 of 2015

Week 8 of 2015, week 3 of 18 of Marathon training.

Monday: swam 1100 yards, ran 3.5 miles, walked 1 mile, biked 70 minutes. Sculpt class
Tuesday:  Sculpt class twice (morning and night)5 mile run, .5 mile walk
Wednesday:taught Sculpt, Ran 3 miles, walked .65 Miles
Thursday:  1800 yards swam,21 minutes biking.
Friday:Ran 2 miles and body sculpt class
Saturday:walked 1 mile on hotel treadmill to warm up, Ran 1 mile on treadmill in hotel,  ran 3 mile obstacle race in cave in Crystal City, MO.  Ran 3.03miles outside in Iowa.
Sunday:Yoga stretches, walked 2.25 miles outside, lots of stretching.

Totals for Week 8 of 2015 and week 3 of Marathon training:
Swim distance:2900 yards or 1.65 miles
Biking minutes:  91 minutes (55 of it was a hard spin class)
Running miles:20.53
Walking miles:5.40 miles
Body Sculpt classes:5

How I felt this week:
Pretty good for the most part. I'm really happy about getting in biking and swimming miles! I feel that cross training is a vital part of Marathon training.

Part of my biking minutes this week was a spin class so I worked much harder during that class. Monday I was off work because of President's day, this helped me get in an extra long workout.   My run on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were on a treadmill.  The run on Tuesday I just couldn't get into it, it was hard work to complete all 5 miles, so when it was completed of course I felt amazing and very accomplished.

The run on Saturday on the hotel treadmill wasn't fun because it was a super crappy treadmill, one of the worst I've ever ran on, but it was an ice storm outside so I couldn't go outside to 1/10th of an inch of ice everywhere, too dangerous.  I was going to do 4 miles on the treadmill so I could get 7 miles in for the day (including the race we were doing in the cave), but decided that I would wait until we arrived home from Missouri to run outside in Iowa, then I did just that, we arrived home at 5:30p.m. on Saturday, I quickly dressed to run outside and had an amazing 3 mile run outdoors while the daylight stuck around for a few more minutes!

Totals for Year 2015
Swimming:   21,178 Yards=   12 miles 58 yards
Elliptical :    12.45 miles
Biking:          253 minutes
Zumba:        5.5
Sculpt:         36 classes
Walking:   16.10 miles
Running:      141.56 miles

The marathon I picked is Sunburst Marathon in South Bend, IN

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