Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 18 of marathon training - Marathon Week! - Week 23 of 2015

Monday:  Les Mills Body Flow class, Ran 3.20 miles, Sculpt, walked 1/2 mile
Tuesday: Ran 4.01 miles, Sculpt class, walked 1/2 mile
Wednesday:Ran 2.05 miles, walked 1 mile, Sculpt class
Thursday: Swam 1000 yards plus some in the hotel pool that night.
Friday:Rest, some walking.
Saturday:Ran 26.54 miles. The race!
Sunday:Biked 4.14 miles

Totals for Week 18 of Marathon Training:
1 Les Mills Body Flow Class

3 Sculpt classes
2 miles walking
Biked 4.14 miles
Swam 1000 yards
Ran 35.80 miles

Marathon went awesome.   I felt great the entire time until mile 25 then I was really tired.  Got a new personal record by 54 minutes 31 seconds!  An official time of 4:59:49.  It was a super awesome moment when I came through the finish line.   Full marathon report with pictures will be in next post.

My watch at the end of the race.

Totals for Year 2015
Swimming:  68,528 Yards=   38 miles 1648 yards
Elliptical :    14.45 miles
Biking inside: 274 minutes 
Biking Outside:  104.53 miles
Zumba class:        5.5 classes
Sculpt classes:        108 classes
Les Mills Body Pump:  1 class
Les Mills Body Flow class:    15 classes
Walking:   48.05 miles
Running:      623.87 miles

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