Monday, March 3, 2014

week 9 of 2014

Goals for week 9 of 2014 were these: Run 4 times. Achieve mileage of 12-14 miles for the week. Get on the elliptical and go over a mile. Get on the bike at least twice and bike over an hour for the combined mileage. Swim once of 1000 yards or more. Continue with clean eating. Do pushups outside of class, 55 of them on toes. Take either Jason's Step or Pump class.

 This is how the week went:
 Monday: Body Sculpt and 1202.30 yards swam
Tuesday: 1.15 miles on the elliptical, 58 pushups on toes, Body Sculpt
Wednesday:3.68 miles running, 500 yards swimming.
Thursday: ran 3.0 miles, Zumba class Friday:Rest
Saturday:5.38 miles run, Biked 65 minutes Sunday:Rest

 Bad: I didn't do one of my Body Sculpt classes since it was cancelled. I didn't clean eat on Sunday. I didn't get on the bike at least twice. I didn't run 4 times. I never made it to Jason's class. Simply ran out of time. Took my daughter to get a pedicure during the time I could have taken his class. That was time better spent in my opinion!

 Good: I ran 3 times and had mileage of 12.06 miles! I did get on the elliptical and went over a mile. I did get on the bike and did 65 minutes. I did swim over 1000 yards once, but actually got in the pool a 2nd time for the week and did more yards. I ate almost perfectly for 5 days out of 7. I did pushups outside of class. I felt amazing this week!

 Totals for year:
Elliptical 6.65 miles
Running 86.55 miles
Swam 10,567.30 yards
Body Sculpt classes 21
Zumba classes 10
Biking minutes 418
Step classes 1
Yoga classes 4
Nia classes 1
Pushups on toes outside of teaching class:108

 Goals for Week 10: Swim once of 1000 yards or more. Run 3-4 times with total mileage of 14 miles or more. Do all your scheduled classes. Do a Yoga class. Bike at least 1 hour this week. Do more on the elliptical this week than last week. Do push ups outside of class and go for 60 of them! Continue with clean eating.

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