Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dam to Dam Half Marathon - Des Moines, Iowa - May 31, 2014

Not the best day for running, let's just say. It was hot, it was muggy, there was humidity that just kept getting worse.  Actual temp was 72 at the start, 8 mph wind from SE and humid.  I don't run well in heat. I also had some tightness in my IT band that week so I felt lucky to run any distance.  Jason and I  needed to do 17-18 miles for our marathon schedule so we ran almost 4 miles before the race, then walked a bunch before the race. This made us warmer for sure. By mile 7 of the actual race we felt so done.  We knew that just finishing would be an accomplishment.  By the end of 13.1 miles we were both toast and both felt terrible.  I'm praying that our marathon weather is nice and cool out.  We need great weather. Here are my results for Dam to Dam:
2720 301 W40 Michelle Clark, 41*, Iowa City, IA 54:53 1:55:29 2:40:35 2:33:31 11:43
Here are Jason's results:
2896  347 M40  Jason Clark, 43, Iowa City, IA 54:54 1:55:31 2:40:35 2:33:32 11:43
The first number in our results is where we placed overall out of our gender.  The 2nd number was where we placed in our age group.  Then our age group.  Then our name, our age, our City and State, then the first number is our 5 mile time, then our 10 mile time, then our Gun time, then our Chip time (actual time), then our pace per mile.  We were okay the first 5 miles, but by the 2nd 5 miles we were just so hot and humid.  The last 3 miles were the absolute worst.  We feel lucky to have finished.
Jason was 2896 out of 3412 Males.  347 out of 411 in his age group.
I was 2720 out of 3947.  I was 301st out of 446 in my age group.

All results are HERE !

 Here are pictures from the event.

Jason and I before the actual race started, but after we had ran almost 4 miles.  We were sweaty and felt gross already.

Some of our Rooster friends.  Jill and Dean!

A plane flew overhead with this message.

During the middle of the race was hundreds of flags with bagpipe players.  It was really neat.

Jason soaking his feet after the race.  Here is a picture of my food that I only ate half of.  Wasn't hungry.

A very tired picture of us after the race. We were so glad to be done.

My race bib and medal.
Jason's  racing bib and medal.

Another Dam to Dam shirt that I picked up.  I like this one a lot.  It is cotton so I'll wear this one out shopping and the other one to work out in.

Here we are in our actual Dam to Dam shirts that were in our packets with our finishing medals.

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