Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 5 of 2015

Monday:Sculpt, lots of walking, probably close to 3 miles, wasn't measured.
Tuesday:Sculpt times 2
Wednesday:ran 2.5 miles, Sculpt, Zumba
Thursday:Swam 1000 yards, ran 4.01 miles
Friday:Biked 15 minutes, Ran 1 mile, sculpt class
Saturday: Swam 700 yards, biked 30 minutes hard, ran 2 miles.  Indoor Triathlon
Sunday rested big time.

Over all a super lazy week.  I didn't get out and run much.  This can't happen again.

Totals for Week 5
5 Sculpt classes
1 Zumba
Ran 9.51 miles
Biked 15 regular plus 30 Vigorous minutes in Indoor Triathlon, achieved 19 miles on a Spin bike
Swam 1700 Yards
Walked 2 miles

Totals for year 2015:

Swimming:   10,228 Yards=   5 miles 1428 yards
Elliptical :     5.15 miles
Biking:          162 minutes
Zumba:        3
Sculpt:         21 classes
Walking:       5.7 miles
Running:       77.68

Great for week 5: Participated in an Indoor Triathlon, placed 3rd in my age group out of 7 in my age group.  I was only 2 tenths of a mile away from 2nd in my age group and 3 tenths of a mile away from 1st in my age group.  I've come a long way in this Indoor Triathlon in strength on the bike.  I've done this one 5 years and never placed or even came close to placing in my age group until this year.  Feeling great about training and overall strength.  Ready to make bigger goals!

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