Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 7

Monday:  Swam 1600 yards, ran 3.5 miles inside, Body Sculpt
Tuesday:  taught Sculpt twice. Ran 5.25 miles inside
Wednesday: Ran3.13 miles outside, Sculpt and Zumba.
Thursday:  Elliptical 2.5 miles, yoga stretches, rest day.
Friday: Sculpt, 5.01 mile run outside, taught 1/2 of a Zumba class.
Saturday: Swam 2200 yards,9.10 miles on treadmill.
Sunday:  Walked 2 miles, yoga stretches, a nap and lots of rest.

Week 7 of 2015 totals (week 2 of marathon training)
Swam 3800 yards or 2 miles 280 yards
Ran 25.99 miles
5 Sculpt classes
1.5 Zumba classes
Elliptical 2.5 miles
Walked 2 miles

Totals for Year 2015
Swimming:   18,278 Yards=   10 miles 698 yards
Elliptical :    12.45 miles
Biking:          162 minutes
Zumba:        5.5
Sculpt:         31 classes
Walking:       10.7 miles
Running:      121.03 miles

An awesome week of training.  Felt amazing in my swim on Saturday and for most of my run on Saturday.  It was a LONG slow run on the treadmill on Saturday and I wouldn't recommend that to ANYONE, seriously, it was hard to do.   I followed the intermediate training schedule for the marathon exactly as it said to do.

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