Sunday, August 9, 2015

Flying Pigs Duathlon-Washington, IA- Saturday, August 1st

The morning was beautiful when we got in the car at 6a.m. to drive to Washington Iowa from Iowa City. Jason and I both said almost in unison that we hoped the weather would be this perfect for the race in 2 hours.

It did warm up a little, not too bad, but enough that running was uncomfortable.  It could have been worse I guess.  Jason and I love this small town race.  It started back in 2010.  We raced with Brenden as a 3 person team.  Brenden did the 5K, Jason did the 20 mile bike ride, then I did the 1.5 mile run at the end.  The first year we placed 2nd out of all the teams.  Then we skipped a year and did the race again in 2012.  That year Brenden came along and we raced as a 3 person team again, this time placing 1st overall out of the 3 person teams.   This year Brenden wasn't able to be with us so Jason and I both decided to do this race by ourselves for the entire thing.

The first 5k went well for me.  I became hot around mile 2 but pushed through for a 28 minute finish.  Then the 20 mile bike portion began.  The wind was in my face and it seemed uphill almost the entire way out for the 10 miles.  I couldn't seem to do much faster than a 3:45-4:00 minute mile on the way out to the turn around.  Then it was like my legs warmed up and the wind was at my back, oh yes it was.  2:30 miles, 2:45 minute miles, 3 minute miles almost the entire way back.  That was nice.  AND it was downhill for most of it.  So great because I was getting tired.  I passed about 6 people on the bike which was good because I'm not a fast runner.  The 1.5 mile run seemed hard, but I managed 9 minute miles and finished the race in a respectable 1:57:01

There are bagels, bananas and cold water after the race.  I would do this one again.  Great small town race.

Jason and I before the race started.  

Had to get a race selfie.  We were ready to race!

Posing with the bike.

Jason with his bike.

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