Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week 8 of 2015

Week 8 of 2015, week 3 of 18 of Marathon training.

Monday: swam 1100 yards, ran 3.5 miles, walked 1 mile, biked 70 minutes. Sculpt class
Tuesday:  Sculpt class twice (morning and night)5 mile run, .5 mile walk
Wednesday:taught Sculpt, Ran 3 miles, walked .65 Miles
Thursday:  1800 yards swam,21 minutes biking.
Friday:Ran 2 miles and body sculpt class
Saturday:walked 1 mile on hotel treadmill to warm up, Ran 1 mile on treadmill in hotel,  ran 3 mile obstacle race in cave in Crystal City, MO.  Ran 3.03miles outside in Iowa.
Sunday:Yoga stretches, walked 2.25 miles outside, lots of stretching.

Totals for Week 8 of 2015 and week 3 of Marathon training:
Swim distance:2900 yards or 1.65 miles
Biking minutes:  91 minutes (55 of it was a hard spin class)
Running miles:20.53
Walking miles:5.40 miles
Body Sculpt classes:5

How I felt this week:
Pretty good for the most part. I'm really happy about getting in biking and swimming miles! I feel that cross training is a vital part of Marathon training.

Part of my biking minutes this week was a spin class so I worked much harder during that class. Monday I was off work because of President's day, this helped me get in an extra long workout.   My run on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were on a treadmill.  The run on Tuesday I just couldn't get into it, it was hard work to complete all 5 miles, so when it was completed of course I felt amazing and very accomplished.

The run on Saturday on the hotel treadmill wasn't fun because it was a super crappy treadmill, one of the worst I've ever ran on, but it was an ice storm outside so I couldn't go outside to 1/10th of an inch of ice everywhere, too dangerous.  I was going to do 4 miles on the treadmill so I could get 7 miles in for the day (including the race we were doing in the cave), but decided that I would wait until we arrived home from Missouri to run outside in Iowa, then I did just that, we arrived home at 5:30p.m. on Saturday, I quickly dressed to run outside and had an amazing 3 mile run outdoors while the daylight stuck around for a few more minutes!

Totals for Year 2015
Swimming:   21,178 Yards=   12 miles 58 yards
Elliptical :    12.45 miles
Biking:          253 minutes
Zumba:        5.5
Sculpt:         36 classes
Walking:   16.10 miles
Running:      141.56 miles

The marathon I picked is Sunburst Marathon in South Bend, IN

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Running on the beach

During the 4th week of 2015, I had the opportunity to go to Marco Island, Florida with some friends and they took a picture of me running on the beach. What an awesome time we all had there!  This picture is a great memory.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 7

Monday:  Swam 1600 yards, ran 3.5 miles inside, Body Sculpt
Tuesday:  taught Sculpt twice. Ran 5.25 miles inside
Wednesday: Ran3.13 miles outside, Sculpt and Zumba.
Thursday:  Elliptical 2.5 miles, yoga stretches, rest day.
Friday: Sculpt, 5.01 mile run outside, taught 1/2 of a Zumba class.
Saturday: Swam 2200 yards,9.10 miles on treadmill.
Sunday:  Walked 2 miles, yoga stretches, a nap and lots of rest.

Week 7 of 2015 totals (week 2 of marathon training)
Swam 3800 yards or 2 miles 280 yards
Ran 25.99 miles
5 Sculpt classes
1.5 Zumba classes
Elliptical 2.5 miles
Walked 2 miles

Totals for Year 2015
Swimming:   18,278 Yards=   10 miles 698 yards
Elliptical :    12.45 miles
Biking:          162 minutes
Zumba:        5.5
Sculpt:         31 classes
Walking:       10.7 miles
Running:      121.03 miles

An awesome week of training.  Felt amazing in my swim on Saturday and for most of my run on Saturday.  It was a LONG slow run on the treadmill on Saturday and I wouldn't recommend that to ANYONE, seriously, it was hard to do.   I followed the intermediate training schedule for the marathon exactly as it said to do.

Week 6 of 2015/ Week 1 of Marathon training

Monday: Sculpt
Tuesday Sculpt times 2, Ran 5.25 miles on treadmill in 58 minutes.
Wednesday: Swam 2000 yards, Ran 2.01 on treadmill in 21 minutes, Sculpt, Zumba
Thursday:4.80 miles on Elliptical
Friday:Sculpt, swam 2250 Yards, ran 1.6 miles
Saturday: Ran 8.5 miles, walked 1 mile
Sunday: Walked 2 miles, some Yoga

5 Sculpt classes
1 Zumba class
Swam 4250 Yards
Ran 17.36 miles
Elliptical 4.80 miles
No biking this week.

Totals for year 2015:

Swimming:   14,478 Yards=   8 miles 398 yards
Elliptical :     9.95 miles
Biking:          162 minutes
Zumba:        4
Sculpt:         26 classes
Walking:       8.7 miles
Running:       95.04

I had a crazy thought this week and booked a marathon!  Ha, what was I thinking?  A third Marathon!!  Okay, so I did it and had a great first week of training, all except for bike miles.

 I'm following an intermediate training plan of Hal Higdon's see it here:  Hal Higdon Intermediate training plan for Marathon.

I chose this because I have done 2 marathons before and I'm running close to the miles in this program some weeks.  Some weeks I have spent more effort on biking or swimming due to triathlon training.  I've decided that I am strong enough to do both Half Iron Olympic training AND this intermediate training for a marathon.   I know going into this that there will be times that my swimming and biking miles will be more of a focus, however those are great cross training miles and I'm okay with that.

Week 5 of 2015

Monday:Sculpt, lots of walking, probably close to 3 miles, wasn't measured.
Tuesday:Sculpt times 2
Wednesday:ran 2.5 miles, Sculpt, Zumba
Thursday:Swam 1000 yards, ran 4.01 miles
Friday:Biked 15 minutes, Ran 1 mile, sculpt class
Saturday: Swam 700 yards, biked 30 minutes hard, ran 2 miles.  Indoor Triathlon
Sunday rested big time.

Over all a super lazy week.  I didn't get out and run much.  This can't happen again.

Totals for Week 5
5 Sculpt classes
1 Zumba
Ran 9.51 miles
Biked 15 regular plus 30 Vigorous minutes in Indoor Triathlon, achieved 19 miles on a Spin bike
Swam 1700 Yards
Walked 2 miles

Totals for year 2015:

Swimming:   10,228 Yards=   5 miles 1428 yards
Elliptical :     5.15 miles
Biking:          162 minutes
Zumba:        3
Sculpt:         21 classes
Walking:       5.7 miles
Running:       77.68

Great for week 5: Participated in an Indoor Triathlon, placed 3rd in my age group out of 7 in my age group.  I was only 2 tenths of a mile away from 2nd in my age group and 3 tenths of a mile away from 1st in my age group.  I've come a long way in this Indoor Triathlon in strength on the bike.  I've done this one 5 years and never placed or even came close to placing in my age group until this year.  Feeling great about training and overall strength.  Ready to make bigger goals!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week 4 of 2015

Monday:  Swam 1800 Yards, Sculpt class, 1.15 miles elliptical
Tuesday:Sculpt X's 2
Wednesday:Sculpt, Zumba
Thursday:Sculpt, 1 mile walking
Friday:Ran 2.5 on treadmill in Clearwater, Florida.   Ran 3.5 on Marco Island outside.  Swam lots of laps in Marriot pool, around 500 yards.  Swam in the open ocean for 20 minutes.
Saturday:Ran 4 miles on the beach in Marco Island.   1 mile treadmill,  Spin class 50 minutes. Some weights, 50 knee crunches on ball.
Sunday:ran 6.05 on Marco Island beach.(awesome experience, all of it)  Walked 1.5 miles on beach. Swam 750 Yards in laps in Marriott pool.

Totals for week 4

Swam 3050 Yards
1.15 miles elliptical
5 Sculpt classes
1 Zumba class
2.5 miles walking
Ran17.05 miles
Biking 50 hard minutes.

Totals for year 2015:

Swimming:   8528 Yards=   4 miles and 1488 yards.
Elliptical :     5.15 miles
Biking:          117 minutes
Zumba:         2
Sculpt:         16 classes
Walking:       3.7 miles
Running:       68.17

Such a great week spent in Marco Island, Florida.  Loved running on the beach.

Week 3

Monday January 12th:  Ran 2.05 miles outside - 13 degrees 15 m.p.h. winds=COLD,  Sculpt class,2 miles on elliptical.
Tuesday:  2 Sculpt classes
Wednesday:2 miles elliptical, Sculpt
Thursday: Ran 5.27 miles
Saturday: Ran 7 miles, biked 35 minutes, swam 1.55 miles
Sunday:  Walked 1.2 miles

5 Sculpt classes
4 miles on the elliptial
Swam 1.55 miles
Biked 35 minutes
Ran 14.32 miles
Walked 1.2 miles

Totals for year
11 Sculpt classes
4 miles elliptical
5478 yards swimming
67 minutes biking
51.12 Running
1.2 miles walking

Week 2

Monday:  Swam 750 yards, ran 3.5 miles in sprint intervals
Tuesday:  Ran 2.25 miles outside in the snow, Sculpt class
Wednesday:  Ran 3.25 miles on a treadmill, half sprint intervals, half regular run, Sculpt class
Saturday:1300 yards swimming. 32 minutes biking, 5 miles running.
Sunday:  Lots of walking and rest.

Swam 2050 yards
Biked 32 minutes
3 Sculpt classes
14 miles running

Totals for year so far

Swimming 2750 yards
Running 36.80 miles
Sculpt 6 classes
1 Zumba class
32 minutes on bike