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River's Edge 10K- Cedar Falls, IA--Saturday, July 12, 2014

On Friday the 11th, Jason, Scott and I traveled to Cedar Falls to stay with our friends the Helland's. We all took a turn zip lining in their side yard.  We went out to dinner with them and then went to the race with them the next morning.

The next morning it was pouring rain.  We weren't sure if there would be a race.  It was lightening, thunder and lots of rain.  The humidity was horrible.  Then the rain stopped right before the race started so we had the race, but I didn't warm up so that was really stupid of me because I felt horrible for the first mile.

The race was called River's Edge 10K and it was put on by Trekman Racing.  We love all of his races so we try to do all of them if possible. He's an awesome race director and does everything he can to make a race a great experience.  Here are the RESULTS if you want to check them out.  Our friend Dean achieved 5th overall.  Pretty sweet.  I had one of my worst 10K times ever.  It was 1:02:52.  It was super humid out and I just couldn't cool down and I was wheezing.  I ended up being 18th of 33 in my age group of 40-44.  122nd of 214 females and 218th of 336 overall. So not my best race, but hey I finished and even though this race seemed really hard for me I did it.  My goal for the year is to get a 10K under an hour.  I know I can do this.

Great things about this race:
Flat course
Course in a park that is shaded for most of your run so you don't get direct sun.
well marked course.
lots of volunteers
bib for your scrapbook
chip timed so you have accurate results
food after the race
water stops on the course.
medals for those in the top 3 in their age group.
Chairs to sit in after the race if you want to have food and relax.
Plenty of port-a-potties.

Not so great things about this race:
nothing because the race director does an amazing job to pay attention to every detail.

Okay one thing, but this isn't because of the race.  I had to go to the bathroom before the race and the port-a-potty lines were way long so I went in the woods. The mosquitoes were massively bad, like worse than I've ever seen them in my life and I didn't have any protection on.  I got bit on my butt.

There are more pictures from this race, but I'm waiting for them from a friend.  I will update when I have them.

Scott about to zip line.  He looked scared but loved it and jumped right off.

Scott during the zip line experience.  This picture is blurry, but you get the idea.
Me on the zip line, way too scared to jump, so Lisa is climbing up there to push me off.

Scott and I with cups of sausage.  No I didn't eat these.  This race gave away pancakes and sausage, however as a group we all went to Perkins for breakfast so I didn't eat a thing here.  I only drank water after the race.  The sausage was for Scott and the other children in the car.  Ok, maybe I had one sausage.

I think I look like a drowned rat and it's a horrible picture of me, however, it was a great picture of the three of us.  Jason and I did the 10K, Scott came along to watch us.
Here are our race bibs with our timed results.  

After the race we went downtown Cedar Falls to get popcorn at a store called "Here's What's Popping". Then we went to the Farmer's market.  This is Scott with Kyle and Lisa's son.  They were being goofy.

Jason and Kyle at the farmer's market, probably not sure why I took their picture.

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