Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week 32 of 2014

Goals for week 32:  Run 4 or more times.  Mileage 15 miles or more.  Bike twice.  One time of 10 miles or more.  Swim at least once.  Run 10K on Saturday in record time.  Try for under an hour.

This is how the week went:
Monday:  walked .5 miles, Ran 3.05, Sculpt class
Tuesday: Body Sculpt
Wednesday: Body Sculpt, 8 miles biking, 6.03 miles running, 2 miles walking.
Thursday: Some walking
Friday:  2 miles running with Abby.  6 miles biking.
Saturday:  Ran 8.12 miles (1.74 of these miles were warm up and cool down miles) 6.38 miles was the 10K race I did.  It was slightly longer than a 10K distance.  I thought maybe it was just me, however everyone with measuring devices said they were getting anywhere from 6.37 to 6.45 so it was definately longer than it should have been.
Sunday:  3.04 miles walked.

Body Sculpt classes: 3
Running: 19.20 miles
Biking: 14 miles
Walked: 2.5 miles
Swimming:  None

Good for week 32:
Ran 4 separate times.  Achieved mileage of 15 miles or more.  Biked twice.  Ran my 10k race in record time. Knocked off 2 minutes and 5 seconds off my personal record and FINALLY achieved running a 10K under an hour!

Bad for week 32:
Never swam.  Both times when I biked neither time was over 10 miles.  Other than that great week.

Totals for year:
Elliptical 22.26 miles
Running 476.45 miles
Swam 22,137.30 yards (12.58 miles)
Body Sculpt classes 88
Zumba classes 20
Biking minutes 762 (12.7 hours) Indoors
Biking miles outside 211.60 miles
Step classes 2
Yoga classes 6
Nia classes 1
Cross Fit class 1
Push ups on toes outside of teaching class:175

Goals for week 33:  Bike twice, one ride more than 10 miles, Run 4 or more times.  Running mileage more than last week.  Swim once and try Yoga once.

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